10 Notable Costs Of Delray Beach Homeownership

10 costs of delray beach homeownership

Owning a Delray Beach home is a dream for many the world over. One of the crucial components any homeowner, investor, or first-time buyer must understand is the hidden and accessory costs of homeownership. While the lack of a state income tax and the Florida Homestead Exemption offers plenty in the way of kickbacks and easy breaks, there is still much to know about these costs of homeownership, and what unique applications they may have in Delray Beach real estate.

property taxes

Property Taxes

Property taxes in Delray Beach can be higher than the average. These taxes are based on the value of your home, which is skyrocketing across South Florida. While these are often prepaid as part of a mortgage or incorporated in your monthly payment, be sure to allocate the proper funds and attain the Florida Homestead Exemption as quickly as possible.

hoa fees

Homeowners Association (HOA) Fees

Many neighborhoods have Homeowners Associations (HOAs). These organizations take varied approaches to governance depending on the development and the needs of their residents. For 55+ or country club communities in Delray Beach, expect association fees to be very high. Some neighborhoods, namely Delray Beach townhome communities, take a minimalist approach to management, often only focusing on parking, landscaping, and the community pool and clubhouse.

homeowners insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is one of the highest costs you can expect when owning Delray Beach real estate. This is largely due to our exposure to natural disasters such as hurricanes and the general wear & tear one can expect living in a subtropical clime. Most important to know is that flood insurance is not included in your plan, and may be necessary (or at least logical) to possess in light of storm surges in recent years causing a plurality of damage from hurricanes.

maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and Repairs

A Subtropical climate ensures greater wear and tear on the simple things in your Delray Beach home or condo. Our proximity to the ocean, the presence of humidity, and frequent midsummer storms mean that every washer, rivet, bolt, screen, and gutter should be the very surface of responsibility that homeowners in Delray Beach will expect to maintain.

landscaping and lawn care


Landscaping is one of the joys of owning a home in Delray Beach. We have access to such beautiful hues from across the rainbow, sustaining plant life that would live in few other places nationwide, if at all. However, once again thanks to our climate, we are teeming with biological growth. This means that both weed control and general lawn and landscaping maintenance should be top of mind, especially if not covered by your HOA.

pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are one of the most prominent features South Florida home buyers look for, given our nearly year-round swimming weather. These are also one of the most expensive and intensive maintenance projects in the home, which is why pool maintenance is often outsourced to skilled workers who understand the pH and acidity your pool requires to stay clean and safe. It’s much more than just fishing out leaves and branches.

pest control

Pest Control

Our environment is responsible for providing the perfect confines for equatorial life to thrive. This includes both native and non-native species. Homeowners in Delray Beach must be prepared to take on mosquitos, termites, cockroaches, rodents, and many more. While South Florida isn’t the wild outback many satirically categorize it as it certainly is a place where pests can easily overtake your home.

utility bills


While Florida Power & Lighting has done well to respond to disasters and keep our bills relatively low, this does not mean that our bills are cheaper than the average. Even though home heating costs more than cooling, cooling your home during summer can double, and sometimes even triple your bills.

home security

Home Security

Even though gated communities in Delray Beach play a big role in security, this is simply the first line of defense for your safety. Projects like the installation of a doorbell camera, motion sensing lights, smart home technology, and alarm systems are crucial to detecting not just intruders, but harmful gases that may leak into the home without warning.

renovations and upgrades

Home Upgrades and Renovations

Your home won’t be “contemporary” forever, and if it still has formica countertops and popcorn roofing, it might be time for a top-down renovation. While we hope for your sake that your upgrades and renovations are optional, and not necessary, you can expect that ideas, improvements, and new products, technology, and appliances will become too good to pass up. Whether living full-time or planning to rent your home, upgrades, and renovations are something t plan for now, and in the future

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