4 Kitchen Accessories For The Modern Delray Beach Home

We could spend the whole time raving about Delray Beach's staggering complement of restaurants. A city that currently boasts only a full-time population of less than 70,000 has to have one of the best per-capita rates of gourmet international foods and outstanding modern eateries. Yet, amidst all this on offer, mainly across Atlantic Avenue from Swinton to the shoreline, there's never a bad time for some home cooking. Whether to save money or entertain yourself and your guests, Delray Beach homes are often lined with renovated kitchens and unique new appliances.  The 4 items ahead reflect the marriage of affordability and ease of use. We decided to keep the wires Look no further than our shortlist for a complement of affordable, convenient, must-have kitchen accessories for the modern Delray Beach kitchen!

Green lock container


We love funny rhymes and avocado toast. Most of Delray Beach would agree, at least in part, to the latter. The veritable capital of Sunday morning hangover brunches can't leave homeowners in the lurch when they've decided to stay home. The guac-lock is perfect for that sunny Sunday morning on the deck of your Delray pool home, deftly transitioning from morning avo-toast to lunchtime guacamole.  Thankfully, the guac lock container solves the age-old problem of brown, watery avocado spread. The simple augmentation to a sealed plastic container ensures the disappointment of an aged avocado is lost to the past, and the shadow over your Sunday is lifted.

Blue Collapsible Silicon container


For condo and townhome owners, or those renting space, the new age of collapsible silicone accessories is here. Rather than jamming your cabinet full of oblong, clumsy plastic fixtures, these medical-grade silicone strainers represent our favorite of the many silicone offerings that simplify our kitchens and maximize our space. Silicone kitchen accessories can be found in everything from bowls, strainers, spatulas, spoons, and more.

Two cherries on a blue plate with a metal pitter


Try the Sur La Table multi-chamber cherry pitter for a 7-slotted, hyper-efficient version! Either way, whether a single shot or the full ensemble, cherry pitters make cherries that much more fun. Rather than having to munch around the edges of the pit while burgundy stains soil our outfit and stick under your fingernails, the cherry pitter is a veritable hole puncher, replacing paper with cherries. It simplifies eating, but also allows you to process large quantities of cherries to freeze, blend, cook, or whatever else it is you choose to do. For less of a mano a mano eating experience, and a cleaner one at that, don't spend another day without a cherry pitter.

Metal knife on a metal magnetic knife holder


As with anything involving sharp objects, especially in the open, we urge you to exercise caution and strongly consider the placement of the magnetic knife strip. Can it be accessed by kids, reached by roving pets, or will an accidentally falling knife hit something it shouldn't? Once you've figured out this very basic set of answers, the magnetic knife strip becomes your best friend. Used in commercial kitchens the world over, this space-saving, instant-access option allows you to avoid the need for knife covers, opens more drawer space, and encourages their use. With your very best set of sharps on display above your stove, you'll get in the culinary mood as soon as you see the glint of the blade calling you from across the kitchen.

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