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new Delray Beach restaurants

We can't get enough of the lively and vibrant, yet elegant and classy Delray Beach restaurant scene. It seems every third building on Atlantic ave and beyond plays host to a restaurant we're dying to try. within the immediate vicinity of most hotels and downtown residential districts, Delray beach might have the most accessible gourmet complement in the entire state. for such a concentrated geographic area, east Delray, in particular, poses a staggering array of fine and fast dining options - all gourmet and remarkable in their own right.

Knowing all this, when a new restaurant in Delray Beach opens, we're quite curious and quick to dig in. Here are 4 new Delray Beach restaurants to give a try!

Joyfull Smoothie

three different colored smoothies in row glasses

Joyfull Smoothie is the project of former Lady Gaga talent manager & wellness coach, Leah Landon. Seated behind Anuttara Yoga Shala (mentioned in our 'Best Yoga Studios In Delray' blog, Joyfull takes advantage of the aforementioned beautiful exterior space, providing cool treats with clean ingredients. Their smoothies and lattes use are delectable, but it's the oat milk soft serve that steals the show.

Warren - American.Whiskey.Kitchen

whiskey pouring into tumbler glass on the rocks

Named as a tribute to the Damn Good Hospitality Group CEO's late uncle, Warren resides west of the turnpike well off Atlantic Avenue, but well worth the extra few miles to visit. The Warren is an old-school chophouse featuring a staggering display of whiskeys, including several extremely rare and valuable vintages found little elsewhere if at all. The beautiful dining room decor features brown & burgundy furniture and upholstery to match the warm glow of the Edison-style lighting fixtures. This new but already well-known locale might be the finest of a growing list of upscale American-fare offerings. 

Rosewater Rooftop

ceviche in glass bowl

Rosewater Rooftop sits at the apex of the newly opened Ray Hotel in Pineapple Grove. Already gaining renown for its happy hour, this beautiful open-air pool and restaurant entreat guests with a direct view of the Atlantic horizon. Featuring a light, coastal fare such as their yellowfin sushi and local snapper ceviche, the Rosewater's atmosphere is perfectly complemented by the menu and cocktails.

Opal & Ore (coming soon)

array of Mediterranean foods on dark table

Soon to be on the south side of Atlantic Avenue across from Mussel Beach, Opal & Ore is the brainchild of Gio Geraca, founder of The Bartending Institute and a major contributor in several successful hospitality ventures across New York and Florida. Geraca's legacy can be felt all along with the Atlantic Avenue scene, with many of the top bartenders and elite establishments sourcing his trainees. With such a strong on the professionals upholding the outstanding service and quality of the scene, it was time to branch out and expand his portfolio, and shift his role from a teacher, to master. Opal & Ore promises to be a cultivar of the finest wines, cleanest cuts, and freshest catch. Set to open sometime in the Winter/Spring season, stay tuned for the ribbon cutting of this beautiful new hotspot! 

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