Delray Beach Restaurants | 4 More New Up & Coming Spots To Try

Delray Beach continues to add more delectable options to its resplendent larder of restaurants across the city. As more attention is turned to Delray Beach and Atlantic Avenue among other regions growing in stature, we are seeing more classy, quality restaurants popping up to serve the adjacently growing populace of Delray Beach. With these 4 new restaurants in Delray Beach, the fruition of this growth is apparent with the incoming global flavors that so heavily influence the minds behind these menus. Learn where, and what to eat at these 4 new(er) & exciting Delray Beach restaurants to visit!

pagoda kitchen delray beach

Pagoda Kitchen 

Update: Unfortunately, Pagoda Kitchen is CLOSED 

The Pagoda Kitchen is located at the Delray Marketplace (not to be confused with the Delray Beach Market) off Lyons Road in West Delray Beach. This Chinese-inspired menu is fueled by the pan-Asian fusion of crisp, modern cuisine and traditional Chinese classics. Far from the indulgent, MSG and corn syrup-loaded "takeout" one comes to expect, Pagoda Kitchen is a classy take on Chinese comfort food. With a pairing of their quality wines, cocktails, and sakes, your meal will be rounded out beautifully, leaving you with a new take on Chinese food.

akira back

Akira Back

Despite his Japanese-sounding name, Michelin Starred Chef Akira Back has paired with The Ray Hotel to offer a pan-Asian fine dining experience that may surpass all East Asian dining options in Delray Beach, at least in terms of class and prestige. With his granted Japanese namesake and Korean heritage, the blend of bold Korean flavors with the crispness of Japanese produce, meats, and the fresh catch is unrivaled by even the finest competitors. There are many outstanding places to enjoy Asian food in Delray Beach, but this Pineapple Grove-based establishment might be the finest. For instance, Cannery Row residents can cross the street from a fine Delray Beach townhome to one of the finest new restaurants in Delray Beach.

grelma bakery delray beach


With so many New Yorkers, New Jersians, and Chicagoans venturing to Delray Beach, the need for an Italian Bakery & Cafe was evidenced by the myriad of Italian-American visitors craving a taste of home while soaking up the best of both worlds. Just south of the Tropic Isle area of homes Early on, Grelma received sterling reviews, even on the overly stringent Yelp site. Their fairly priced Italian treats include the famous cannoli, Nutella croissants, tiramisu, and a short but quality menu of sandwiches and salads.

meso beach house

Meso Beach House

Meso proudly declares itself as a modern spin on Mediterranean cuisine, including influences from over 22 countries. Their name, Meso is a play on words for "Middle of the Mediterranean," incorporating flavors ranging from Iberia to Anatolia and the Levant. The light, airy atmosphere within is perfectly decorated for a South Florida establishment, truly understanding aesthetics' role in the overall experience. While some rely on heavy regional influence to create an immersive atmosphere for local patrons, Meso turns to a blend of South Floridian, and Southern European influences to blend the visual with the flavorful, in a truly extrasensory experience.

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