5 Beach Accessories To Make Your Delray Beach Trip Perfect

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Ultimately, the beach itself is all we need to enjoy our lives under the sun. However, there are little (and big) ways to spend some money and trick out your beach kit! Whether you're a hi-tech beachgoer or a simple sun bum, these 5 fun and innovative beach accessories are sure to add something new to your next Delray Beach day! Whether a full time Delray Beach homeowner or a just a visitor, stock up and get shopping in anticipation of your next day on the sand!

solar powered battery

Solar Powered Battery Backup

This one makes too much sense, especially if you're keen to use any other devices on the beach (don't be too loud with that Bluetooth!). These solar chargers vary in their level of cost, sophistication, and effectiveness, but all serve the same purpose. Having a simple $30-$50 charger handy can provide that extra juice you need to enjoy the day with whatever you need, and will continue charging when you don't! Take advantage of all the sunshine state has to offer with this simple technological integration.

powered cooler

Powered Cooler

A far more expensive, but far more sophisticated setup - the battery-powered coolers are here. These powerful, efficient, and consistently effective cooling systems provide an LED display for temperature and battery life. Some of the more elaborate coolers even include inbuilt solar panels to soak up that extra battery. Even better, these coolers negate the need to stop for ice, to lug that heavy cooler around, and to deal with soupy, sandy, nastiness when reaching for another cold one.

inflatable lounger

Inflatable Lounger

The inflatable lounger is like bringing a loveseat to the waterfront! Delray Beaches are no stranger to its creative guests, and unlike the powered cooler, this is a cheap way to bring a bit more luxury to the waterfront. These quick, tidy, and durable loungers give you the perfect elevated reading nook, a place to sit and sip, or whatever it is you choose to enjoy it for. With some priced as low as $24.99, the power is yours to choose what level of luxury you'd like to commit to.

cut proof lockbox

Cut Proof Portable Lockbox

The first two words are most important, as a lock that can be cut from a railing isn't much use. Yet, even beach minimalists are hard pressed to store their phone, keys, wallet, and more in a sand-free, safe environment. While beachfront theft has never been a serious issue on Delray Beach, it's not cynical to want a means to secure your belongings and enjoy peace of mind. These "cut proof" lockboxes ensure your gear is secured in the box, and to whatever you're affixing it to. Good luck would be thieves!

pop up tent

Pop Up Tent

The pop-up tent is a simple, collapsible sun shelter that has seen a major rise in popularity amongst young families, especially those with infants and toddlers. After all, sunburn and heat exhaustion are real problems we all face and must prepare to mitigate if we wish to spend long on the beach. These lightweight, easy-to-pack tents are perfect to protect our more sensitive loved ones and provide a nice little storage space as well.

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