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family photo spots in delray beach

Delray Beach has cemented itself as a premier family vacation destination. Whether relocating your family to Delray Beach or simply visiting, the history of our seaside village belies the modern elegance and beauty it exudes today. For anyone looking to make lasting memories, we found a few of our favorite natural and manmade locales to stand up and pose for. Say cheese! Here are 5 fabulous family photo spots in Delray Beach, FL.

old school square

Old School Square

Old School Square is the historic district that resides on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Swinton Ave. As part of one of the oldest areas of settlement in Delray Beach, downtown Atlantic Avenue begins in earnest beyond the traffic light in which Old School Square resides. Occupying the entire northeast corner of this crossing, Old School Square is host to many gatherings and public events, such as the weekly Green Market, 100-ft Christmas tree, and public concerts.

pondhawk natural area

The Great Florida Birding Trail - Wakodahatchee Wetlands

The Great Florida Birding Trail runs throughout the state of Florida, with numerous preserves across Palm Beach County serving as waystations for serious ornithologists and birdwatchers alike. Here, at the Delray Beach Wakodahatchee Wetlands, nature lovers will have the opportunity to see some of America's rarest and most majestic birds. From long-legged, graceful herons to the precision attack of a hunting osprey, there are myriad opportunities to witness nature in its purest, most undisturbed form. While we can't promise you'll take the perfect picture in front of that rare, endangered bird, we can promise that the sunshine, deep blue waters and verdant surroundings will make for a lovely family photo.

morikami museum pond

Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

The Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens is an essential piece of both Boca Raton and Delray Beach history. This idyllic, Japanese-style retreat was built upon the land donated by Sukeji "George" Morikami in 1973. History aside, and there is plenty to glean, there is nary a corner, bush, or small structure that doesn't provide a picturesque location to build your memories and enjoy the best of our natural environs through a traditional Japanese lens.

lake ida dog park

Lake Ida Dog Park

Lake Ida Dog Park is a small patch of open green space with surrounding palmetto scrub. This beautiful open-air dog park sits within one of northern Delray's beautiful ungated communities, allowing access to all but a special convenience to those living nearby. The park is often frequented by friendly dog owners who use the time with their pups to gather, socialize, and develop the little subculture that has thrived in the Lake Ida Region of Delray Beach, with its park as the mainstay. If you're nice enough, many of the owners would be happy to let you take a moment and show their dog some love, and for families with or without dogs, it's simply a great place to stand and soak up the fresh air.

delray sailboats

The North Beach Sailboats 

Normally, the North Beach Sailboats rest on a tuft of elevated sand a few dozen yards from where the water laps the shoreline. Interestingly enough, this picture was taken one day after Hurricane Ian, whose damage to the east coast of Florida was minimal, but still managed to toss things around. Hence, this is why the boats in this picture are mounted on the grass, where normally their soaring masts denote the northern end of the beach, and one of the favorite gathering places for seasoned beachgoers well aware of the crowds around the Atlantic Avenue access. To locate these boats, head north from Atlantic Avenue about a half mile and keep looking right. You'll find them soon enough, and enjoy the unintentional landmark these boats provide us.

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