5 Benefits Of Buying a Delray Beach New Construction Home

5 benefits of buying a new construction home

Buying a Delray Beach new construction home isn't for everyone. After all, with so many extraordinary Delray Beach homes, condos, and townhomes to choose from, it's no wonder so many have found their perfect space already waiting for them. Like everything else in life, homes age and wear down, especially if the prior homeowner does not commit themselves to proper maintenance. Yet, in most cases, we find Delray Beach homeowners to show the pride they have in every room of the home, leaving numerous opportunities to move right in and make it your own. Some, however, want to see their future built from the ground up, to choose everything from the paint color to the tile, the shape of the kitchen island to the width of your bedroom. Buying a new construction home provides you with a clean slate of opportunity, and in today's blog, we share 5 benefits of buying a Delray Beach new construction home.

everything is brand new

Everything Is Brand New

Quality assurance is everything, and the best guarantee comes right from the manufacturer themself. When buying a new Delray Beach home inspectors, appraisers, and contractors are summoned to evaluate the state of the material that's already there. This is in response to a simple acknowledged scientific reality: that matter will deteriorate over time, and will at an enhanced rate when met with greater activity and more extreme conditions. For instance, South Florida's climate provides a fertile ground for fungal and entomological concerns at a degree not seen in more temperate environments. This and many other reasons are why buying new is exactly as it sounds, and nothing that's rolled off the line or been assembled will show the wear and tear of use.

reduced maintenance and energy costs

Reduced Maintenance And Early Energy Costs

Appliances will wear over time. Batteries will lose their effectiveness. Wood will splinter, caulking will wear, and so on. In most Delray Beach homes, our energy costs will be primarily centered around cooling the home, with heated water appliances like our washers and dryers playing second fiddle. Part of starting brand new is knowing you have your choice of the latest, newest, and most efficient appliances. In addition, cracks in insulation, warping of wood, and other small but considerable challenges to your bottom line are practically nonexistent when buying a Delray Beach new construction home. 

home warranty

The Protection Of A New Home Warranty

New home warranties are not the same thing as home insurance. In future blogs, we may examine this further, but for now understand that a warranty expires and is predicated on the dysfunction of what it covers. For example, a new home warranty may offer limited, but crucial protection on certain materials and workmanship in the home, but will not protect against disasters as insurance would. With a new home, your first few years are as protected as can be with these dual forces shielding you from peril.

modern needs are accounted for

Modern Needs Are Accounted For

It's not just the big things that make all the difference in a new Delray Beach home. Sure, the latest private swimming pool technology, low flow toilets and a brand new HVAC are major reasons to buy new, but sometimes the small stuff is what makes us the happiest at home. Things like USB outlets in the wall, smart thermostats, automatic blinds and modern lighting are all part of what make a modern Delray Beach home efficient and enjoyable place to live.

health and safety

Health & Safety

Part of wear and tear, unfortunately, is the potential exposure to hazards that develop over time. Exposure to gases, molds, faulty smoke detectors, insect incursions, and so many more unwelcome developments can occur in the home as the years go by. Obviously, pride of ownership plays a role, and only the worst of us would neglect health related home concerns until they reach a critical mass. For most homeowners, especially those of Delray Beach esteem, these problems will never reach a level beyond a gentle nudge from an observant inspector. However, buying a new home in Delray Beach mitigates any concerns associated with previous owners altogether. 

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