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5 benefits to moving to delray beach in summer

We won't attempt to hide just how searingly hot it can be during the Summer in Delray Beach. Despite the town serving as a waterfront oasis, few things can be done save for a day at the beach or remaining indoors. However, what's hot in Delray is what's temperate everywhere else, and thus provides open stretches of freeway. Summer melts the snowy gridlock and opens our country to the potential of movement. These 5 reasons are among many to choose summer to relocate to Delray Beach. It might be a hotter, more uncomfortable move-in, but a little sweat and effort is worth taking advantage of these reasons to move in Summer.

more time to explore

Longer Days Mean More Time To Explore

In South Florida, our "winters" begin and end quickly. That's not true just for the season, but each day as well. On average, a wintry sunrise in Delray Beach begins around 7 AM, and within 12 hours the sun is below the horizon. Coming to Delray Beach during the summer means more daylight, more opportunities to explore, and greater visibility of our natural beauty. While Delray doesn't go dark at night, with plenty to do (especially downtown), there's more to see during the day than beautiful sunsets and our outstanding restaurants dotting the Ave.

schools out delray beach

School Is Out!

There are many reasons people are less likely to move during winter, but one significant factor is the commitment to school for children. Moving to a new town and setting up in a new school with new friends and experiences is a major event in the life of a child. Beyond the neds of school aged children, the fact school is ongoing in the first place makes it a more difficult transition. If you're moving with kids, there's little point outside of a major emergency or opportunity to move during the school year.

brass keys and house keychain hanging from hand

It May Be Easier To Sell Your Home

The many reasons why people are more likely to move and make major decisions in the summer are, by nature, the same reasons you're likely to sell your home in Summer. According to our research, the months of March through July are the best months for listing and selling real estate, while November was the single worst. Beyond macroeconomic forces, we speculate this may be due to the onset of the holiday season, the school year less than halfway complete, and the encroachment of cold weather and early snow in northern states.

woman reveling in bright sunlight

Better Weather and More Daylight

We're not afraid to admit that it can be stiflingly hot and humid during the summer. However, it's not just our heat that entices summer movers, but the lack of snow nationwide. Taking a family vehicle from Seattle to Austin, or from New York to Florida in the dead of winter means more hazards, likely traffic jams, black ice, and banks of snow between you and your new Delray Beach home. By traveling in Summer, you'll be saving money and can rest assured there will no icy calamities between your origin and final destination.

beautiful delray beach sunset

It's The Offseason In Delray Beach

Last but not least, though the rest of the country is mobile for Summer vacation, South Florida is in its tourist offseason. Though the same attractions, natural beauty, exciting new restaurants, and gorgeous communities remain, a beach day for a family from Maine hits a bit differently when it's 98 degrees outside, rather than 78. Delray Beach will always be a popular destination, but with so many snowbirds coming for winter to escape the cold, they'll remain home for the inverse reasons. If you can brave the heat, you can make it across the country and settle in before the throngs of tourists return to clog the roads and make every shop, restaurant, and beachfront spot lively and bustling.

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