5 Home Decor Tips For Your Delray Beach Home

The beauty of South Florida's diverse east coast landscape is the sheer difference in scale, demographic, and even aesthetics as you meander northward from the southern shores of South Beach towards our perch on the beaches of Boca Raton. From Ft. Lauderdale to Boca, to Highland and Delray - each town (yes, even the tiny Highland Beach) brings its unique charm and decor contributions to our ever-growing beachside landscape. Today, we review 5 decor tips that stand out and won't go out of style. Here are 5 Delray Beach home decor tips to try in your beautiful Delray Beach home, townhome, or condo!

A guy and a girl hanging a colorful painting on the wall

Scale Artwork to Your Wall

This is more mathematics than style, but it's important as it relates to the perception of your space to the human eye. Having a small exposed wall space completely blanketed by that piece of impressionist art you've carried across the country might not work the same way it would in another home. We've got nothing against Claude Monet, but simply as an example, having oversized (or undersized) artwork that is poorly scaled as the backdrop of your furniture and gathering space will distort the room's proportions to the human eye.

bright Kitchen with open windows

Let The Sun Shine In Your Kitchen

Delray Beach homes are renowned for their breakfast nooks with the wrap-around windows that sell these homes so well. Beyond that, especially during this time of year, our patios turn from a mosquito's hunting grounds to a perfect place to take in the sunrise with our morning coffee. For those of you who have relocated from up north, you understand the severe impact constant days of grays can have on our mental health. Let the sun shine and watch your wellness rise! 

Pro Tip: Be wary of the increased cooling costs that can come with increased direct light exposure. If it becomes a serious concern, treat, seal, or add curtains to your windows to better control the sunlight.

Hanging up a mirror against a white wall

Hang at Least One Mirror in Every Room

There's just something about mirrors that keeps the whole room together. Much like the infamous rug that tied it all together in the cult classic, The Big Lebowski - mirrors add a form of class to a room, especially amid other artwork on the wall. Furthermore, mirrors give us a chance to take a quick glance at ourselves for whatever reason we may need. The gazing panes of self-reflection add a bit of taste to a room that would otherwise be classy, yet monotonous. 

A rug underneath a couch

Anchor Rugs Under Furniture Feet 

What's more obnoxious than a constantly shifting rug? Whether it slides from under foot, the family dog grabs it and rolls it up, or the ends fray from constant re-adjustment - these otherwise room-altering decor selections become a logistical hassle, rather than a room-defining art piece. We have a simple fix! Anchor the rugs under your furniture feet. Why not make the most out of your existing assets and solve two problems at once. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to check furniture feet and pad them accordingly. If they have a peg, hardwood, or other form of design they're sure to damage the rug without the proper security in place.

A white wall with a paintbrush going across of it

Paint Wall Colors Light and Neutral

This is at the top of mind when selling a home in Delray Beach. Despite your love for chartreuse, having walls that look like Kermit the Frog chose the paint might not suit the fancy of the next homeowner. Aside from that, neutral tones refract light more... neutrally, and your home will not constantly be tinged by the bizarre and exotic colors you chose to paint and decorate your home. Remember, the furniture, rugs, and decor motifs might be what's on your mind, but the largest and most impactful choices to be made regarding your Delray Beach home decor are the walls and floors. Everything works inward from there. Paint wisely!

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