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5 tips for easy at home delray beach entertaining

Delray Beach is a community built around strengthening social fabrics and fostering a sense of community. Numerous public events, such as the annual Holiday season extravaganza centered around the giant Christmas tree are just one example of an investment in connecting people. For private residents, this sentiment is felt from the center of town to the center of your home, where lawn parties, small gatherings, and pool days span the space in between the rigors of life. Several of our agents know a thing or two about living in Delray Beach and hosting a soiree here and there. From them, and our research, experiences, and client feedback, we learned and are excited to share these 5 easy tips for the would-be home entertainers ready to get their party hats on!

do one thing well

Do One Thing Well, and Relax Everywhere Else

As your home party planner, you're likely to encounter several strengths and weaknesses you may not have even known you had. For example, your aptitude to arrange a charcuterie board may be unmatched in your community, but that same tact doesn't extend to party decorations, leaving your party well-fed but aesthetically unfortunate. You might be the most congenial person in your friend's group, but aren't the best cook. In that case, it makes sense to help where you can and let the food come from elsewhere, while you spend that much desired energy entertaining your guests, rather than working in the kitchen.

focus on cleaning major spaces

Focus Cleaning On Major Spaces

The temptation to go crazy and wipe every baseboard, dust every shelf, and clean the upstairs guest bathroom comes on strong when an impending party is on the horizon. However, as the homeowner, you can cordon off portions of your home, and focus your cleaning on the areas where people will gather, sit, eat, and spend their time. It's important to remember that these are your friends, and if you choose them well, are unlikely to harshly judge you for not having a sparklingly perfect home. Take time to inventory the most important, blatant, and highly trafficked spaces, and go from there.

group of friends at a condo party

Choose The Right Crowd For The Right Event

A socially dynamic host understands everyone isn't fit for every event. Oftentimes serving as the sole coalescing point for a hodgepodge of friends with different desires, energies, and preferred experiences doesn't bode well for a truly connective party. It's not that all of these hypothetical house guests aren't good people on their own, but think of your own life and the events you choose to go to. You might love tennis, for instance, but your friends might not, and therefore won't be the right group to get together and enjoy the televised matches. You might be hosting a horror movie night or something that caters to a specific niche. Do all your friends like the same thing? Don't invite the wrong crowd to the right event, when you know your energy at every party isn't the same, and can change based not only on who is there, but why you've gathered in the first place.

outstretched hand turning up indoor A/C

Don't Be Afraid To Turn Up The AC

We're all about finding new ways to save money on your power bill, but when budgeting a party, A/C isn't one of them. The few extra dollars you'll spend could be the difference between a hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable event. Depending on the time of year, the frequency of opening and closing exit doors, and the density of your group, the temperature in the home could rise significantly. Keeping your guests physically comfortable is as important as feeding them the foods they'll love and ensuring everyone is on the same social wavelength. Hot, sweaty, uncomfortable guests are no fun!

hors d'ouevres in a prominent place

Put The Food Where you Want People To Be

Food and drinks should be at or near the room in which you want people to gather. Beyond large parties with sizable food quantities, or outdoor perishables in the middle of Summer, the food, drinks, and music should be in the place you determine will be the center of the action for your guests. Putting the food where you want them to be is a time tested method of gathering that works on people and animals alike!

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