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5 delray beach hidden gems

With the ascendancy of Delray Beach as a premier tourist and relocation destination, it's hard to find anything that's truly a "hidden gem" anymore. For our efforts, we've kept a loose definition of the common cliche, choosing a myriad of reasons to consider these 5 Delray Beach communities to be hidden gems. These could be conspicuous properties overshadowed by nearby attractions and downtown bustle, lesser-known but easily accessible waterfront and inland properties, and ultraluxury estates built on the premise of privacy and security. Read on and learn from our blended list of hidden gems in Delray Beach Real Estate, and see if these homes, condos, and townhomes are right for you!

the astor condo delray beach

The Astor

Hidden Gem Qualifications: Surrounded by color and action at the heart of Pineapple Grove

The Astor is hidden thanks in part to everything that surrounds it. Seated at the heart of Pineapple Grove, some of the most colorful, vibrant, and exciting businesses and attractions line the streets around, and below the Astor Condos. With numerous nearby condominiums woven into the blended fabric of Pineapple Grove, The Astor is as known for the centrality of its location as the beautiful remodels, upscale appliances, and multi-story luxury condos 

sherwood forest

Sherwood Forest

Hidden Gem Qualification: Quietly tucked away behind a beautiful green canopy

The aptly named and bucolic Sherwood Forest sits directly off Atlantic Avenue behind a small gate under the shady canopies of mighty oaks and elms. A well-covered, sunkissed loop of just 125 single family homes, is easily accessible on a main thoroughfare, yet relies on the safety of nature to keep itself hidden. Sherwood Forest keeps true to its name by ensconcing within one of the most lush canopies in Delray Beach Real Estate.

del harbour new

Del Harbour

Hidden Gem Qualification: Limited signage, surrounded by parks, beaches, and the Delray Beach Club

Del Harbour is fairly noticeable, despite its diminutive presence and reduced white and blue signage. What makes Del Harbour a hidden gem is its surroundings, with the more prominent landmarks nearby obscuring the otherwise recognizable presence of this development. Nearby, Atlantic Dunes Park and the Delray Beach Club absorb a majority of the attention as passersby saunter on this beautiful stretch of A1A.

tropic isle

Tropic Isle

Hidden Gem Qualification: Small sign yields several limited access roads bordering the Intracoastal 

Tropic Isle is a non-gated community on the southeastern edge of Delray Beach. Seated behind a handful of prominent shopping centers, including a widely trafficked Trader Joe's, it's easy to miss the pale white and yellow sign with nondescript text that hides the illustrious homes behind. Tropic Isle hosts a range of custom homes, many of which exceed 3,000 square feet and include remarkable front and backyard gardens, Intracoastal dockage, and much more.

stone creek ranch new

Stone Creek Ranch

Hidden Gem Qualification: Purpose built as an exclusive escape for the ultra-wealthy

Stone Creek Ranch is the only actual hidden gem, built into Southwest Delray Beach as an exclusive enclave of mansions, estate homes, and sprawling properties. Homes routinely sell upwards of $15 million, including the illustrious Rockybrook Estate, once covered on CNBC.

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