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5 outdoor activities in delray beach

Even under stifling heat and humidity, many an intrepid adventurer is seeking to find something new in our tropical homeland. For those unafraid of a little sweat, dirt, and the occasional mosquito, we present to you five of the very best places to enjoy nature and the great outdoors in Delray Beach. Whether it be a gentle walk at a beautiful botanical garden, or trudging through the swampland on a rugged trek, read on through the Delray Beach Real Estate blog to learn where you should visit!

the sandoway center delray beach

The Sandoway Discovery Center

Situated on A1A just north of Linton Rd. The Sandoway Center is carved from an old 1936 beachfront home, this nature center has long been a favorite for students and campers looking to get closer to our natural environment under an air-conditioned roof. The Sandoway Center offers a myriad of live exhibits featuring many of our favorite Everglades creatures, live shark pool feedings, and touch tanks with several invertebrates.

wakodahatchee wetlands delray beach

Wakodahatchee Wetlands

The Wakodahatchee Wetlands Park is located off Jog Rd. in West Delray Beach, less than a mile from Villa Borghese. Opened in 1996, the city transformed 50 acres of unused utility land into the park we know today. The beautiful confines of Wakodahatchee Wetlands are part of the southern portion of the Great Florida Birding Trail, with over 150 species spotted on the premises. The 3/4 mile boardwalk offers observers an opportunity to catch the emergent marsh areas from every angle, with gazebos and benches along the way to rest from the sun.

Leon M Weekes preserve

The Leon M. Weekes Environmental Preserve

The Leon M. Weekes Environmental Preserve is one of the most prominent reserves of Florida Scrub habitat. These scrub pinelands are one of the oldest habitats in Florida, featuring periodically burned areas with nutrient-poor, dry soils. This, and other natural scrub areas feature endemic species that occur nowhere else in the world. For a pleasant stroll through ancient land, or for a crack opportunity to observe something truly rare, the Leon M. Weekes Preserve is open to you!

morikami museum and japanese gardens

The Morikami Museum And Japanese Gardens

This famed slice of culture and history dates back to the 1905 founding of the "Yamato" colony by visionary Jo Sakai and several Japanese ex-pats. While the colony didn't flourish in the way Sakai had intended, his legacy left behind this indelible landmark - a majestic multi-tiered Japanese garden and museum carved right amid our city. One step through these gates will immerse you in an enchanted land, and with such a small Japanese population in South Florida, we are eternally grateful that this land has been preserved in such a beauteous way, and as a homage to the limited but significant Japanese influence during the early Pioneer Era of South Florida.

west delray regional park

The West Delray Regional Park

As its name would suggest, The West Delray Regional Park sits on the furthest west strip of land before reaching the Everglades. Following Atlantic Avenue as far west as it will go will yield this sprawling, natural, but highly functional park. Not quite representing the manmade sterility of more sports-oriented parks, this lovely space makes good use of its naturally overlapping border with the Everglades. The park features mountain biking, equestrian, and hiking trails, space for RC pilots and boaters, disc golf, and kayak access.

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