Delray Beach Gardening | Lush, Tropical Flowers to Plant In Your Yard

Delray Beach is renowned for its blend of modern architecture, culture, and the historic reaches of Swinton Ave. A quick stroll of Atlantic Avenue to the north will yield a great number of beautiful homes both vintage and modernistic. While newer home buyers in Delray Beach seem to have their take on residential architecture, one thing we all share is our affinity for the many beautiful displays of floral majesty. Next time you're taking a stroll through particularly the north of Delray Beach, be sure to keep an eye out for these 5 beautiful flowers to plant in your Delray Beach yard.

A bright pink flower

Bee Balm

Bee balm is one of the most potent shots of color one can add to their Delray Beach home garden. These plants can grow up to 4 feet tall, so be sure to choose wisely when plotting your floral display,  as they can sit at ground level and create a beautiful tiered effect with lower-lying terraced plants like impatiens. These tubular blooms jut out like an explosion of color, rather than a more traditional floral structure such as roses or sunflowers. 


Many little pink flowers with 5 leafs  


Garden Flox is a perennial flower with an affinity for extended sunlight. Their five-petaled, pink/purple hue is a beautiful addition, especially in conjunction with the bee balm mentioned above. Be wary of growing certain varieties in the dead heat of summer, as some can be mildew prone in these conditions. Some phlox is sold as "mildew resistant" and we highly suggest these species lighten up your garden without the burden of extra care. 

Big white flower


Lilies are large, flowering plants emerging from a bulbous state with cultural significance in communities worldwide. Their showy blooms are best to plant right now, with autumn as its best time. With minimal care, these beautiful plants will continue to return, making them a bold option for novice gardeners. Their long stems bloom in a trumpet-like fashion to add style & aplomb to your Delray Beach garden.

A flower with many orange and yellow petals


The Gaillardia looks very similar to the brighter, broader sunflower. Stemming (no pun intended) from the sunflower family, the gaillardia is also known as the blanket flower. These orange-yellow blooms sit proudly on top a thin, straw-like stem. With their short lives, they're a great starter flower and require little shade, making these a quick and easy option to get your garden going!

Lavender, purple flowers


One of the most well-known sources of essential oils, and topical therapeutics, and even as an edible flower, lavender is a beloved floral contribution found around warmer regions worldwide. With its origins traced to the Mediterranean, Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent, it saw its mention and use as far back as 2500 years ago. Today, aside from adorning your garden with its gentle purple hue, lavender is used to promote healthy sleep and to give a light scent to clothes, and upholstery, and diffuse throughout the home.

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