5 Things To Think About When Moving To Delray Beach

With prices skyrocketing statewide, prospective homeowners seeking to move to Delray Beach have much more than dollars to consider. With an average home sale price still substantially lower than Boca Raton, Delray Beach has become a favorite for everyone from new families, college grads, and retirees. These 5 things to consider when moving to Delray Beach are hardly exclusive to this delightful "seaside village," but they are questions to ponder. This beautiful, unique community does have intrinsic details not lost on us. As your local area experts, we're excited to note these 5 key considerations for people looking to move to Delray Beach.professional ambitions

Your Professional Ambitions

This one is a given, but Delray Beach does have its business climate, similar but still vastly unique amongst its neighboring peers. For instance, if you work in hospitality, choosing between Delray, Boynton Beach, and Boca Raton could have a major impact on your quality of life. Do you work in watersports, charter fishing, or public parks? Maybe Boynton is the place to be! If you're looking to work in high-end hotels, concierge, and fine dining, Boca is your place. If you're interested in nightlife, bartending, and the like, Delray might be for you. While only a few minutes apart in either direction, these small idiosyncrasies can have a major impact on what you choose to do and how close you are to it.

family matters

Family Matters

Family comes first. The size, ages, and needs of your family can differ dramatically from your new neighbors, so it's important to know the difference between the types of housing on the market and access to key goods and services. Living in Delray Beach almost invariably gives you high-quality beachfront access, west Delray townhomes, and single-family properties all around the Historic Swinton area. Access to top private and public schools, doctors, hospitals, and main thoroughfares should always factor into your choices, but with children, pets, or the elderly along for the ride, your choices can be influenced and potentially changed based on the knowledge you gain through our Realtors.


Single-family, Townhome, or Condo?

There's nowhere like Boca Raton when it comes to luxury condos. Only Miami and Ft. Lauderdale can truly rival the remarkable complement of gorgeous high rises and beachfront living. However, is a high-end condo the right choice for your elderly parent? Is having a home right on A1A the best place for children to play? What about your bills, power, and water? Do high-end luxury amenities make sense for a young family seeking to grow their wealth? Delray Beach does have lovely condos, but the West Delray Beach townhomes and single-family cottages are amongst the finest and best priced in the area.

the east/west dichotomy

Understanding the East/West Dichotomy

Like most communities, major landmarks, natural locations, and infrastructure developments can directly influence future residential buildings. For most of South Florida, i95 is the bisecting line that functions as a natural demarcation in our topography. Interstate 95 is routinely only a few short miles from the beach, no matter where you exit. As a result, the properties east of 95 are more condensed, expensive, and often smaller. For the price you pay, enjoy proximity to Downtown Atlantic Ave, our beaches, and smaller lot sizes. West of i95 features more space, townhomes, sprawling single-family homes, and gated communities.

the rising cost of living

The Rising Cost Of Living

Inflation is no joke, and rising wages have not recouped the losses incurred through major industries. Gasoline is up double digits nationwide, food costs so much more, and the hospitality industry's prices reflect this unfortunate fact. If you have the funds for recreation, Delray Beach might be the perfect spot for you, but for lower costs of living, Boynton Beach to the north might be just a little lighter on the wallet. 

In Conclusion:

Delray Beach represents the unique crossroads of luxury and affordability, beachy nightlife, and grassy open spaces. Somewhere between the outdoorsy, artistic Boynton Beach and the glamorous Boca Raton lies this gorgeous seaside village. With so many things to consider, for the better or worse look to Delray Beach for your new home!

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