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5 tips for a successful open house

The team at Champagne & Parisi has seen more action than ever as our footprint expands through Delray Beach Real Estate. As always, we adapt and learn from our experiences - and what better time than on the heels of several recent successful open houses to produce this blog? We caught up with our biggest producers, staging experts, and open-house heroes to learn what sets them apart, and why we continue to impress with every listing. Read on for 5 short (but crucial) tips for a successful open house!

remove personal effects and valuables

Remove Personal Effects and Valuables

Beyond the concern for theft, the removal of personal objects and heirlooms is suggested to ensure the visitor can immerse themselves in your home. Any items, photos, decorations, or other miscellaneous goods that are inherently yours will degrade the visitor's own ability to imagine their use of the space. Using simple decor, good spacing and impersonal effects will make it easy for the viewer to create their vision.

coffee and pastries

Provide Food And Beverages

This one is too easy but has to be said. The time of day, the scale of the home, and the target audience should influence the food and beverages you choose to introduce to your guests. A nighttime soiree at a waterfront mansion, for example, might be one of the fests instances alcohol is introduced, along with an investment in fine foods like the classic charcuterie board. For morning open houses, coffee, pastries, and cookies are smarter. Use common sense, and ask yourself what would work for you.

sign in app

Use A Sign In App To Record Leads

The sign-in app on a crisp tablet gives the impression that you are a technologically sound, efficient Realtor. Beyond the prestige of first impressions, however, is the more important reason why you should collect signs in through an app: lead collection. Visitors will be compelled to input their full name, email, and phone number mandatorily, giving you instant access to their contact information. Without something as efficient as a sign-in app, data collection will be more haphazard and some buyers may slip through the cracks. 

paper handout

Provide A Paper Handout 

It may seem old school in the face of the aforementioned sign-in app, but a simple brochure, pamphlet, or one-pager gives the visitor a memento to remember you by, along with crucial information about the property. Anyone taking the time to visit an open house will be unlikely to toss whatever is handed out to them. They're there for the information, to learn more, and to meet you. Having something to bring home and keep on the table will keep you, your listing, and the sense of urgency on the buyer's behalf high.

leave home

Put Away Pets And Make Yourself Scarce

Much like our first tip, any familial connection to the home will make it difficult for viewers to imagine themselves as occupant. Beyond the clamor that kids and pets can create, having you in the home can be seen as an imposition on the visitor, as backward as that sounds. It's nothing personal, but an empty, staged, personality-free space is the ultimate template for the visitor to make it their own, in their mind at least. If your goal is to sell your home, take the kids and pets (if you have them) on a fun day abroad, and let your Realtor do what they do best!

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