5 Tips For Moving With Disabilities

5 tips for moving with disabilities

A "Disability" is defined by the CDC  as "any condition of the body or mind that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities. Disabilities can be physical and mental, and affect anything from communication to memory, vision, movement, learning, or socializing. When considering the type of disability that would impair the ability to move your home, those of the more physical variety come into play. With so many Americans suffering from physical maladies and chronic diseases, support for disabled movers is becoming a more commonplace aspect of the industry than in years past. For today's Delray Beach Real Estate blog, we provide 5 crucial tips for anyone moving with, or helping someone move with a disability.

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Learn Of All Accommodations & Support In Your New Home Town

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) covers the basic rights of disabled citizens and the responsibilities of the varying entities that make up our social fabric. Businesses, condo communities, public infrastructure, and shared spaces all endeavor to provide the basics for disabled citizens and improve over time. However, every town is different, and the accommodations beyond the basics can vary. Even simple things the non-disabled overlook such as well-maintained walking paths, handrails, push-button entry, and specialized water fountains can make all the difference. Beyond shared spaces, are there nearby gyms, medical support, and wheelchair-friendly paths? What kind of paid assistance is available, and how much will it cost? You will need to adjust both your life and your expenses to match what's available in your new community.

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Ensure Your New Home Is Already Accessible

We're sure your home selection is accounting for your disability, but what's worse than showing up without a ramp, rail, or retrofitted bathroom? Whether by modern tech like Zoom, or via an on-the-ground representative, ensure your home is set for your arrival before you leave your existing one. In some cases, the work to accommodate certain disabilities, like deafness or blindness, can involve adding lights, sounds, or braille to the home, involving more than attaching handrails or pouring concrete. 

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Locate And Contact Nearby Healthcare Services

Much like you set your home up for your arrival, it's prudent to find doctors and set appointments to ensure you are in the best hands going forward. The more disability concerns you have, the more involved the process will be, and the more important it is to let the proper parties know of your arrival. Having the medical professionals and support systems ready and able to work with you will dramatically simplify your resettlement into your new Delray Beach home.

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Hire A Reputable Moving Company With an Immense Local History

A reputable and well-known moving company is a starting point, not an option. After all, the moving industry is notoriously taken advantage of by scammy brokers and low-quality professionals. A moving company with a tried and tested reputation will be more than some big bodies with a truck. They will understand your needs and tailor your move to the specificities that undergird your daily life. They'll have delicate hands when packing, and strong backs when moving, showing the tact matched only by their innate strength. Good movers are more than strong men, they are caretakers of your life when it is at its most chaotic and mobile. 

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Downsize As Much As Possible

We're not telling you what to do with your stuff, but moving more things means spending more, more unpacking, and more effort overall. What better way to give back something you used but no longer need, or wish to replace, than to donate to your local disability-focused charities before you leave for your new home? Within reason, assess every product, article of clothing, paper, and piece of furniture you have, and cast aside those you don't expect to use going forward. 

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