5 Tips For Families Relocating To Delray Beach

Even amidst a smattering of beautiful and desirable waterfront cities lining Florida's coastline, Delray Beach has carved its identity as unique among its contemporaries. Delray Beach is a little glamorous, a little old school, with a lot of color and community. For people moving to Delray Beach, there are considerations to be taken into account that could impact your choices. With Boca Raton and Highland Beach slightly to the south and Boynton Beach due north, there are dozens of options to suit your needs and price range. There's no reason to reduce your choices to a single city, but for those seriously considering our lovely seaside village, here are 5 significant considerations to ponder when narrowing your selection.

is your family hurricane ready?

Are You Hurricane Ready?

This isn't necessarily a Delray Beach-specific problem, but each city does have its governing accords, unique home inventories, and potential risks. For instance, Highland Beach, though far smaller and more expensive, is noted for its natural perch atop nearly 25 additional feet above sea level. This natural sea wall might be the single greatest value to moving there, with mother nature herself providing a bulwark to protect your investment. However, for families with small children, or those needing rapid highway access, Delray Beach is a far superior choice. Know what you need to know about how to deal with hurricanes, as it is a uniquely predictable disaster that can be handled by those who prepare before the storm brews.

choosing the right zip code

Choosing the Right Zip Code For Your Family

Zip code diversity will be a significant factor in most of the coastal Florida communities. Inland Delray Beach, for instance, will yield more gated communities, broader highway access, less beachfront and downtown traffic, and lower costs. The Lake Ida region is the perfect blend of downtown access and off-the-water living, sitting due north of Atlantic Avenue's primary junctures. Perhaps you're looking for something low on convention but high on recreation, in which case any number of beachfront condos like Bermuda High or The Banyan House would serve you perfectly.

lack of seasons in south florida

Adjusting to the Seasons (Or Lack Thereof)

We've all heard of the prevalence of the ironically yet perfectly abbreviated Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); a condition that largely impacts denizens of the north, in which protracted periods of gray skies lead to elevated rates of depression in many. Some northern relocators have experienced the inverse, in which their affinity for changing seasons is put to the test by Florida's unyielding heat and long, humid summers. Without the changing leaves and winter snowfall, many northerners are distended when mother nature expects them to replace their white Christmas with a humid one, and when the only falling leaves are massive palm fronds that crash, rather than gently fall to the ground.

alligator looking above water

Getting to Know the Flora & Fauna

We often hear tongue-in-cheek references to Florida's Jurassic-like wilderness. While fears of sharks, gators, killer bees, and pythons may be (are) a bit overblown, this doesn't mean there aren't concerns to be had when learning our role in the animal kingdom. While contact with an apex predator is extremely rare, this isn't to say it's impossible, or even improbable. It makes our stomachs churn to see new residents feeding their lakefront alligators, knowing not what they do. However, it's less likely that your life will be endangered by alligators, and more likely that small decisions will lead to big issues. Most common, are the seasonal owners who leave stagnant water in pots, fountains, and garden storage. These are the fetid breeding grounds of everyone's favorite local: the mosquito. Learn about where you live before you move there because we're in their world and we're sure they're happy for an easy meal.

life aquatic

Living the Life Aquatic

There's more to Delray Beach than... the beach. Not every Delray Beach resident needs to live the life aquatic any more than every Aspen, Colorado resident has to be an avid skier, but how much you enjoy the beach should and will likely play a role in where you choose to live. Delray Beach does not have access to the Intracoastal waters that Boca Raton has, despite numerous housing options such as the Delray Harbor Club and Delray Village by the Sea. If you're a salt-life living, weekend warrior in need of a boat slip, perhaps the neighboring cities may have more inventory, but this is not to dissuade anyone from exploring every option, including the "Seaside Village" that we call home.

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