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5 ways to enjoy your outdoor space

Now that summer is quieting down and the mosquitos are packing up for winter, we're looking to our outdoor spaces in our Delray Beach homes to once again serve as the center of entertainment. Beyond lavish lawn parties or major projects, our Delray Beach Real Estate team identified some of the best ideas we learned from our clients turned homeowners. We hope to inspire you with these 5 ways to enjoy your Delray Beach outdoor space!

outdoor movie projection

Build a DIY Theater

What might sound intimidating and expensive might be the easiest and cheapest of the five great ideas on our list. All you need is a flat, white sheet, hanging apparatus, and a projector machine - which range dramatically in price. With a little wind resistance and a taut sheet across a dark background, usually away from the house and against a fence, you can turn your back lawn into your very own outdoor movie theater. No car needed!

beautiful backyard shed

Turn Your Shed From Drab To Fab

A shed could be everything from a tiny suite to sit, sip, and enjoy life - to a utilitarian storage unit. There are varying degrees of effort one can put into their backyard shed, whether that be a new build, complete renovation, or simply tidying things up so it's a bit cleaner and more attractive. Sheds are tiny rooms that can be built almost anywhere, with room for a chair, power, lighting, and even a mini fridge. For the truly ambitious in us, this is the closest we can get to an unattached man cave without the basements so many utilize up north.

outdoor dining space

Choose a Spot for An Outdoor Dining Nook

When our version of autumn rolls in and the morning noseeums subside, the dewy mist and morning sunshine are quite pleasant! Shop for an outdoor-resistant patio set and find a quiet little corner of your backyard for that perfect place to sip your morning coffee. With the proper lighting, (Edison lights are all the rage) your dining nook could serve after-dark for tea, desserts, or even a full meal! Whatever your fancy, having an option to dine outside is another way to increase the livability and dynamism of your space.

backyard yoga

Create A Space For Exercise

This is likely the lowest effort, easiest possible way to work with your Delray Beach backyard. A "space for exercise" could be as simple as designating a patch of grass or pavement for exercise, and as complex as building your outdoor gym. For those who have visited some of the public parks in the area, primitive but effective outdoor gym structures can be found, especially closer to the ocean. These low-cost, easy-to-build jungle gyms allow for pull-ups, dips, stretching, modified pushups, and whatever creative way you can make use of your outdoor gym structure.

accessorize your backyard

Accessorize To Your Personality

Don't forget to be yourself! When you design your outdoor space, be sure to choose colors and materials that reflect who you are and what you like to see. If tea time is your... cup of tea, emphasizing the lounge spaces and accessorizing with coffee shop-style furniture is a smart way to start. If you want to use your backyard for self-improvement, adding exercise equipment, yoga mats, and even a utility shed could make all the difference. Either way, it's your space, your life, and your slice of Delray Beach real estate.

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