6 Accountability Tips For Realtors

6 accountability tips for realtors

It's a new year! While we can't control the market, we can certainly control ourselves, our habits, and our futures! For those looking to kick into gear and get a little more from themselves in 2023, we've researched, asked around, and are pleased to present this helpful blog. Below you will find 6 helpful tidbits that may not work for everyone, but they're certainly worth giving a try! Read on and imagine where you may choose to implement these tactics, and where you might be deficient in your workflow. We hope these help!

keep you car clean and organized

Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

There are two core reasons to keep your car clean and organized. Firstly, you're indefinitely going to have to entertain leads and drive visitors to showings. For most, especially higher-end clients, the appearance of a dirty, cluttered car can say a lot about you and your dedication to presentability. In addition, South Florida Realtors are all too familiar with the crunch of traffic, the hunger pangs, the long days stuck in traffic, and the frustration that follows. Having the very basics available to you while you're stuck in the car will ensure you resist poor food choices, or the potential to grow irritably hungry when you need to have your game face on. A clean, organized car will keep everything in order, from snacks to phone chargers, business cards, loose change, and more.

stuck on metrics

Don't Get Stuck On The Metrics

There's never a scenario in life where we're going to be satisfied staring up at a massive, lofty goal set for ourselves. For instance, if someone is seeking to add 100 lbs. to their bench press, it will appear to be quite a daunting task when imagining 200 lbs. where there once was half. The more realistic expectation to set is one that still pursues your end goal but is invested in the process, rather than the final tally. This will ensure you continue growing towards your lofty goal without ever staring up at an intimidating, yet achievable peak. 

accountability partner

Find A Like-Minded Accountability Partner

You don't need to be part of a Realtor team to find a partner to keep you straight. This could be someone who shares similar methodologies, goals, and even a clientele base or area of focus. Having someone to check in with periodically will hold you accountable in ways few are disciplined enough to do on their own. You and your partner can choose the areas you wish to hold one another accountable in, and (in a friendly manner) keep each other in line through the shared understanding of consequences should one or both of you falter.

movement over numbers

Focus On Movement Over Raw Numbers

There are so many things that can impact your bottom line. You might have a million-dollar buyer lined up who canceled their trip thanks to a funeral, a seller who may have missed a call due to being outside, or perhaps an impatient and unreasonable agent representing the other party. This all impacts your final numbers, but not what can be done between the first contact and the final closing. Your call volume, hours at work, and personal investment in your abilities are all unseen by your clients and partners, but all lead to the bottom line rising. If it's simply a numbers game, adding more productive time to your schedule will in due time yield more opportunities for good things to happen.

go all in on your health

Go All In On Your Personal Health

We can't make a difference in our clients' lives if we can't move. Aside from extreme circumstances, like immobility or severe illness, navigating the daily rigors of a busy schedule requires discipline and dedication. Whether you're imbibing in too much caffeine, need to work on that back pain issue to sit at your desk longer, or realize you might be a green juice away from an empowering afternoon, be sure to remember that your Real Estate practice starts with you.

get to know your tech better

Get To Know Your Tech Better

We all have smartphones, laptops, and lead systems to work through. However, even the most talented Realtors may be missing crucial functions that can impact your ability to sift through information and stay organized. These could include anything from a regimented calendar and alerts system to exploring GPS features, ways to extend battery life, contact options, and talk-to-text solutions.

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