6 Popular And Affordable Delray Beach Tourist Attractions

6 popular delray beach tourist attractions

Delray Beach, Florida is as well-known for its glamorous waterfront mansions as its bucolic, family-friendly western reaches.  A city that truly embodies the unlikely of a small-town charm with big-city energy, Delray Beach has cemented itself along the east coast of Florida as one of the ever-growing tourist destinations in our ever-popular state. Now Rivaling the likes of Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami, Delray Beach is the perfect blend of vibrant nightlife and daytime relaxation. For children, families, or just about anyone, we’ve organized a list of some of the most accessible, affordable, and popular tourist attractions in Delray Beach!

delray municipal beach

Delray Municipal Beach

The Delray Municipal Beach is the official designation for what is better known as “the beach.” This public beachfront stretches from the northern end of the city’s edge on the Boynton Beach border to the southern tip of Atlantic Dunes Park. Delray Beach activity represents a bottleneck at Atlantic Avenue that soon sprawls into a more sparsely populated beachfront. For warm water, access to bars, restaurants, and nearly year-round sunlight, look no further than this free-of-charge natural tourism hotspot.

morikami museum

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

We’ve written many times about the unlikely legacy of the Japanese people who descended upon what was then known as the Yamato Colony. While Jo Sakai’s vision of a thriving pineapple farming colony never came to… fruition, the indelible impact left by his efforts and the donation by George Morikami, the land’s last Japanese farmer, has left us with a magnificent if not unlikely Japanese garden in a land not known for its heavy East Asian population.

atlantic avenue

Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue is one of the longest main streets in any downtown district in South Florida. This now iconic road begins at Old School Square (more on that below) and runs east until the beachfront. Atlantic Avenue is pedestrian-friendly and is lined from end to end with upscale restaurants, bars, spas, hotels, and boutique shops. There’s something along the Ave. for just about anyone, from the avid sports fan and craft beer drinker to the young lady looking for the latest in summer fashions. Atlantic Avenue also frequently throws block parties, parades, and public events to serve a variety of tastes.

pineapple grove arts district

Pineapple Grove Arts District

Just off Atlantic Avenue is the Pineapple Grove Arts District Similarly to the Avenue, Pineapple Grove is known for its elegant art galleries, widespread restaurants of all varieties, and general beauty that can be felt under your feet and around every corner. Pineapple Grove is a less commercialized, more locally friendly area of Atlantic Avenue, but it is laden from end to end with some of the most iconic Delray Beach restaurants and local mainstays, such as The Office, El Camino, and The Coffee District.

river of grass

Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Make sure to visit our many outdoor wildlife attractions while the heat of Summer looms on the horizon. The Wakodahatchee Wetlands was created from 50 acres of unused utility land and now hosts a remarkable example of Florida’s teeming biodiversity. With thousands of annual visitors and over 150 avian species spotted – along with turtles, alligators, rabbits, frogs, raccoons, and more, visitors can enjoy Florida’s wild side just a short drive from their hotel.

cornell art museum

Old School Square

Old School Square rests on the northeast corner of Swinton Ave and Atlantic Avenue. This area is one of the oldest and most historic districts in the city, with some of the oldest preserved buildings dating to the turn of the century still present. The square is host to a myriad of events, such as the Delray Beach Green Market, concerts, and cultural gatherings, and includes the Cornell Art Museum. Just beyond the square, one block to the north is the Delray Beach Historical Society, which has done a remarkable job of both framing the past for visitors to enjoy our rich history, while lobbying the city to maintain its cultural heritage despite sprawling construction at every turn.

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