7 Ways To Enhance And Improve Your Client Relationships

7 ways to enhance and improve your relationship

As Realtors, knowing the area, providing ethical, efficient service, and acting generally polite are the basics of professionalism in this field. it is expected that you will bring knowledge, depth, empathy, and responsiveness to each client relationship. This is the bare minimum, not the bar. No matter how well Champagne & Parisi Real Estate performs online or how many great blogs we produce, there will never be a more potent driving force in real estate than relationships and referrals. Hearing a recommendation from a respected friend, family member, or colleague is still leagues more potent than dozens of verified Google reviews. These 7 methods are time-tested ways to reinvest in your client relationships and further your aims as an agent who brings more than simple knowledge and common sense to the table.

be a better listener

Be A Better Listener

There's an adage that the best sale begins with a complaint. In most cases, an enthusiastic customer is best forged in the fires of difficulty, where you have an opportunity to service them from their worst experience into their best. Beginning your discussion with an open mind and open ears will go much further in many cases than boorishly presenting your knowledge and qualifications to a client who is already there to meet you in the first place.

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Understand The Details Of Your Client's Line Of Work

In most cases, searching for homes with your client will take place during the interim points of their availability. After all, it's tough to tour homes from the seat of their office! Knowing your client's line of work well will help you understand their financial circumstances, their schedule, the timeline to buy or sell, and even the triggers of their stresses. Understanding more about the focal points of your client's life, one of which will invariably be their work, will make it easier for you to manage your relationship and put them in the best position to succeed.

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Always Be Reliable And On Time

The recent lawsuits against Madonna for her chronic stage-tardiness are evidence that no matter the lofts of one's status, that nobody appreciates a late arriving professional. Showing up on time, communicating promptly, and effective, informative messaging are hallmarks of a good professional regardless of the occupation. As it relates to real estate, since you will be working with clients during their downtime, you should show the same respect you'd expect from them in their realm of work.

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Personalize Their Experience

Every buyer, seller, town, and property is unique, and the moving parts that line up to complete a transaction are as well. Your client's disposition is important to note when taking them on the journey of buying or listing their Delray Beach home. Personalization doesn't just extend to the big picture, but also the little things that comprise the latticework of a positive relationship. These things might include finding out what they like to eat or drink and scheduling lunch meetings around their tastes, gifting them a bottle of their favorite wine at closing, or providing tailored recommendations and suggestions that suit their immediate needs upon arrival.

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Showcase Yourself Online

Your reputation is a major component of what you do, and it's nowhere more important to showcase than online. Building and maintaining an online presence that reflects the messaging you want prospective clients to see is crucial. This means engaging in social media, using digital resources to find valuable information for your clients, and showing yourself immersed in the same places you intend to sell to your clients. Even something as simple as sharing a blog or taking a picture at your favorite lunch spot will show your prospects that you are lively and excited to be starting and ending each day in the places they're looking to join.

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Seek Out Feedback and Reviews

Informing your clients is not the only proactive communication you should have. Your reviews are supplementary affirmations for any clients who were not directly recommended by a shared connection. This is especially true on Google, where your reviews are displayed to the world on the most commonly visited website on earth. Taking the time to prompt recent clients to review your work is a surefire way to leverage the positive interaction you had into a greater reputation. 

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Proactively Provide Key Information and Updates

As we mentioned above, in some cases, preemptive communication is the most important thing you can do with your clients. This is especially true for investors, and those of means who may not be aware of an opportunity that arises until you reach out. Specifically, new listings that fit their needs, major market shifts, or rarely listed communities are all ways to get in front of the first conversation and provide something compelling to stir activity and initiative within your clients. 

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