Celestial Gardens: The Beautiful New Trend In Home Exteriors

celestial gardens in delray beach

Celestial Gardens... The name might give it away, but these newfangled natural wonders are one of the most popular gardening and home exterior trends in 2023. Thankfully for us, Delray Beach Real Estate is surrounded by natural beauty from a full spectrum of colors. From bright, beautiful crimson bougainvilleas to lush, verdant oaks, there's a color to fit every palette in the tropics. In today's blog, we describe the definition, purpose, and care for these nighttime installations, and learn a bit from the finest examples in the area. Read on and get planning! You might just get something done by nightfall. Without further ado, here is what we know, and why we're excited about celestial gardens in Delray Beach.

what are celestial gardens?

What Are Celestial Gardens?

Celestial Gardens are purpose-built landscaping designs to shine their brightest at night. They make use of plants that thrive at night, requiring at most a reasonable but not tropical degree of sun exposure. These plants often fit twilight color palettes, such as deep blues, indigo, violet, silver, grey, and white. In addition to cultivating a garden fit for nightfall, the tasteful use of backlighting, elevated tiers, and lawn ornaments further the mystique and depth of celestial gardens. 

celestial garden under full moonlight

What Types Of Plants Should I Look Into?

Plants should be selected as much for their color and shape as for their viability within our environment. Plants that offer lunar hues, soft silver, and a gentle exterior are excellent starting points. A few edible varieties, such as rosemary and sage offer this signature lunar tone and gentle edges. White flowering plants, such as easter lilies, azaleas, and evening primroses are the stars of your celestial garden.

beautiful nighttime florida garden

How Do I Care For My Celestial Garden?

Your garden should have distinct boundaries to clearly outline the edges of your space. Your choice of plants will also drastically impact your overall care plan. The difference between low-care silvery herbs and night-blooming flowers may be distinct, and gardens should always be viewed through a permacultural lens. Your celestial garden doesn't need to command all your time, attention, money, and sanity but it should be more deliberately planned than a simple raised bed. After all, this is the crown jewel of your Delray Beach home exterior and something that should reflect your own inner vision. 

night blooming flowers

How Do I Make My Celestial Garden Even More Beautiful?

Once your plants have taken hold and your bed is arranged to promote both beauty and longevity, you can look beyond just the flora itself. These beautiful nighttime gardens benefit from tactful backlighting, colored bulbs, elevated tiers, and fixtures like fountains, statuettes, and mosaic tiling. Once your plants are arranged and entrenched to your liking, you can visit the garden shop and look for manmade additions to add an additional luster to an already naturally magnificent arrangement.

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