Cinco De Mayo Parties In Delray Beach | 2024 Cinco De Mayo Events Near Me

Cinco de Mayo events in Delray Beach

As we expand our presence in Delray Beach, so will our coverage of the many holidays, events, and exciting happenings across town. The city itself is expanding as rapidly as our blog, with more reasons to independently cover the same events and holidays we've put so much emphasis on in nearby towns. Downtown Delray Beach, in particular is notable for its pedestrian-friendliness, numerous public events, block parties, and reasons to gather. With monthly events like the Coco Market at Old School Square among many others, it's become clear that we simply cannot lump Delray's best Cinco de Mayo Parties in another blog. For the first of many Cinco de Mayo blogs in Delray Beach, let us kick off and showcase some of our choices for revelry and celebration this May 5th!

Delray Beach Restaurants with Cinco de Mayo Specials

The list of Delray Beach restaurants offering Cinco de Mayo specials is numerous! Here are some of the most notable locales to visit on Cinco de Mayo

margaritas and nachos

El Camino Cinco Block Party

The largest and most prominent Cinco de Mayo event in Delray Beach will take place on the Old School Square East Lawn at the Center of Downtown Delray Beach. El Camino, one of several outstanding taco and margarita spots in Downtown Delray is taking center stage between its Pineapple Grove location and the public space at Old School Square. Running for 10 strong hours, beginning at 12 noon and ending at 10 PM, the free admission event will include a wide range of family-friendly and adult activities. Casamigos, Espolon, and Tito's will each provide VIP lounges for adult beverages, while face painting, mariachi music, street names, and craft activities allow for all to enjoy this tequila-forward event from the early afternoon through late night.

Rocco's Tacos

Rocco's Tacos is a ubiquitous name in tacos and margaritas, sitting just beyond Swinton on the south side of Atlantic Avenue. With their own delectable menu of tacos to suit all palates, famous tableside guacamole, and an immersive dining and bar area, Rocco's is sure to command plenty of attention on this and every Cinco de Mayo held within proximity. With margaritas and taco specials, Cinco is a day where Rocco's does what they do best!

friends cheering with fruit infused margaritas

Throw Social

A favorite for our Delray Beach event blogs, Throw Social incorporates popular kinetic activities like giant Jenga, axe throwing, and a myriad of colorful events with their delicious menu and popular cocktails.  From 12 PM to 2 AM, Throw Social will include margaritas, drink and taco deals, live music, a taquito eating content, and plenty of exciting bar games and reasons to meet new people. VIP Cabanas make for an upscale means to enjoy the $3 tacos and $10 spicy margaritas with 8-10 of your friends!

shredded pork tacos with salsa rojo


Salt7 has been a mainstay of the Delray Beach nightlife scene for years, standing firm as an ever-popular swanky joint for the young to meet their friends and the not-so-young of us to enjoy a classy martini in a muted, but lively lounge-type atmosphere. Featuring a mariachi band, tequila ice luge, DJ's, and much more - the 12 PM open at Salt7 is sure to draw many from the Old School Square party looking to extend the revelry to the Avenue proper. With several other nearby restaurants, such as all the aforementioned above, Salt7 is a perfect addition to a resplendent selection of tequila and taco specials, popular locales, and readymade dance floors.

Rosewater Rooftop

Rosewater Rooftop is among a few fantastic restaurants within the Ray Hotel in Pineapple Grove.  A more indulgent and secluded option from the hot corner on Swinton and Atlantic, Rosewater Rooftop is a great way to enjoy an upscale specialty cocktail, live music, and thematic food specials with a sprawling view of our gorgeous Atlantic village. From 12 PM to 9 PM, live DJ's and Don Julio specials will reign supreme at this elevated (no pun intended) Cinco de Mayo experience.

deck 84 view of intracoastal

Deck 84

One thing we always admired about Deck 84, is its upscale but unpretentious menu, professional but friendly staff, and the fact that there's more to sell you than just the beautiful Intracoastal view. Among these lovable traits is Deck 84's continued willingness to dabble in new creations and exciting menu options to commemorate special events. In keeping true to their commitment to seasonal excitement, Deck 84 has prepared a unique Cinco de Mayo specialty menu centered around its enchiladas, loaded nachos, and Ceviche Mixto - a true coastal take on Cinco specials. In addition, their cocktail menu includes 6 specials, starting with their brunch-only South of the Border Bloody and a $5/bottle Corona bucket.

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