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There's just something a little different about Delray Beach... Situated amid a string of happening South Floridian coastal cities, there's an atmosphere here that might blend the old & new better than any other significant destination between the Palm Beaches and Miami. When we say "old & new," we don't mean the people, although Delray fits the mold for such a declaration. By and large, the residents are younger than Boca, but older than Ft. Lauderdale, finding a happy medium for a diverse and vibrant town. Much like its blend of demographics, Delray Beach is part modern, part vintage, art deco & old Hollywood, fine dining and fast-casual. Get the best of everything on a date night in Delray Beach, an3d find out where to take your special someone.

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Honey Delray is owned by The Subculture Group, a restaurant and hospitality organization that manages several prominent locales across Southern Palm Beach County - including DADA and the Dubliner. Honey prides itself on a vibrant atmosphere cultivated through its commitment to "upscale casual." With a Live DJ and an impressive cocktail menu, this is the place to be for that perfect mix of class and youth.

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Death or Glory sits off northbound US1 just a block north of Atlantic Avenue. Somehow, the picturesque visage that greets you is both vibrant & visible, yet natural and subdued. Beautiful foliage and colorful lighting adorn the entryway to a restaurant that is serious about food, but not too much about life. Death or Glory is built off that "don't sweat the small stuff" attitude carried by its purveyors, showing a blend of upscale classic cocktails and tiki beverages. Like its vibe and its menu, its location is also perfect parts beach and perfect parts classy.

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Like some of Delray's legacy restaurants, Dada is carved out of an old house right off historic Swinton Avenue. Only 2 blocks north of Atlantic Avenue proper, Dada is a truly romantic hovel, with canopied outdoor seating wrapped around the front and side of the restaurant. Despite its proximity to the bustle of Swinton and the off-Atlantic traffic, Dada's atmosphere is engrossing, with a mood that's both calming and livening. Within walking distance for hundreds, if not thousands of Delray Beach homeowners, Dada is an accessible yet esoteric treat for any couple looking to enjoy something familiar yet unique. For a truly special night replete with eclectic cocktails and mouthwatering meals, take your date to Dada.

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A Delray Beach mainstay for the decades' past, The Office has gone strong as one of Delray Beach's most popular bars and date night spots. This "Modern American Gastropub" features that retro, "roaring 20's" vibe that Delray Beach has become known for, being not the only popular locale touting such a vintage flair. The office has an indoor/outdoor bar seated right at the heart of Atlantic Avenue. You can't miss it, and you won't want to!

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