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It's mid-April, and unlike much of the country, we are far from the coldsnap that's gripping some of our northerly neighbors. As the heat (and complementary humidity) crank up and that inescapable sun bear down upon our backs, here are some of the best places to cool down with your neighbors, friends, and locals. Read on and learn where to find the best public pools in Delray Beach!

Olympic style pool


The Aqua Crest Pool is a favorite among local guides (just see the Google Reviews). The pool is renowned for its friendly staff, well-maintained lanes, and an immaculate changing room. Aqua Crest's prices are fair and affordable, and there is never a shortage of highly trained lifeguards on staff. The lessons their team offers and the overall safe feel of the facility is a major reason Aqua Crest pool is a favorite amongst children and parents.

Big swimming pool with many kids around and in it

Pompey Park

Just southwest of Lake Ida Rd. lies Pompey Park, a multi-use public park that includes a full rec center, baseball diamond, basketball court, open fields, and playground. The Pompey Park Pool is perhaps its best-known attraction, providing Red Cross certified swimming and water safety programs, several different swim lessons, full ADA Accommodations, and a polite, well-trained staff.

A little girl smiling in a pool with a noodle

LIFETIME  (Boca Raton)

On the northern stretches of Boca Raton close to the Delray Beach border is Lifetime Fitness, known as a "luxury athletic resort" with a pool deck, massive workout floor, and several therapeutic amenities such as steam rooms, saunas, and more - all dedicated to the wellness of our community. A membership at Lifetime even includes access to their beach club, with reservable cabanas among the luxurious options at Lifetime.

  Two boys sitting in front of a pool looking back

delray swim and tennis center

Swimming and tennis: that's what Delray does. Comic references aside, The Delray Swim & Tennis Center is the place to be under the sometimes stifling Delray Beach summer heat. The 8,200-seat stadium plays host to many of the best professional tennis athletes to grace the tour, and perfectly complements their city-owned & operated pool, located by the Delray Racquet Club just south of Linton Rd.

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