Delray Beach Family Day Trips | 5 Places Near Delray Beach To Take Your Family

5 family day trip destinations near delray beach

Delray Beach is one of the preeminent vacation destinations in Florida. With the bustling, upscale Atlantic Avenue, a riveting culinary scene, and vibrant arts culture, it's no wonder so many plan their Florida trip around our not-so-little "seaside village." For longtime Delray Beach residents, however, it's worth venturing beyond our beautiful confines and experience life around you. We're not suggesting you and your family live a myopic existence, quite the contrary! There's simply so much to do and so much beauty within our own zip codes that it could take years before you expand your horizons. For this blog, we've chosen 5 family day trip destinations within an hour of Delray Beach. Learn about these 5 quick trips, well within your reach and take advantage of all South Florida has to offer!

sunrise airboat tour

Take An Airboat Trip - Weston

An airboat charter is one spectacular way to get in touch with natural Florida, from the seat of possibly the most notorious watercraft in the southeast. Airboats give riders a safe, but very close look at some of the wildest flora and fauna in possibly the wildest state in the union. While airboat tours launch from all over the state, we chose Weston as the place to be for a few reasons: its proximity to Delray Beach is within reason, it's a lovely place to enjoy lunch or dinner after your tour, and it rests at the mouth of the Everglades via Alligator Alley.

dolphins game

Watch A Dolphins Game - Miami Gardens

One of the only true values exclusive to Miami-Dade County is the sporting venues and the teams associated with them. After all, it's the Miami Heat, Marlins, and Dolphins. A short jaunt via the Florida Turnpike to what is today known as Hard Rock Stadium will put you at the edge of your seat for NFL action. The new additions to the stadium make for a cooler, shadier viewing atmosphere as opposed to the direct sunlight and blaring heat of the past. While we certainly can't promise a winning result, especially when talking Dolphins, the only way to catch NFL action within an hour of home is to venture down to root for the teal and orange.

rapids water park

Visit Rapids Water Park - Riviera Beach

A short trip north will take you to Rapids Water Park, the premier water park in Florida. Over the years, this sprawling facility grew from a few tubed slides wrapped around a lazy river, to the fully fitted waterpark of today. The park is replete with all manner of beloved waterslides, from deep solo plunges to tandem rafts through dark, winding tunnels. For children and families, there are tandem, solo, and full raft rides that are sure to delight. For anyone looking to simply soak up some rays and relax, there are many lounge areas and kiddie pools to sip a cold one while watching the kids.

zoo miami

Visit Lion Country Safari - Loxahatchee

Opened in 1967, Lion Country Safari's claim to fame as the first cageless zoo in America has built its reputation and carried it through the 2020's. This ever-popular drive up outdoor wildlife park includes hundreds of exotic animal species from North & South America, Africa, the Caribbean, and similar regions with wildlife that thrive in Florida's humid, hot environs. The zoo includes some of the most exciting macrofauna found worldwide - such as the White Rhinoceros, Brazilian Tapir, Giraffe, Zebra, and of course, the African Lion.

venetian pools

Swim In The Venetian Pools - Coral Gables

One of the most unique landmarks in South Florida is the Venetian Pools, a fixture of Coral Gables. This picturesque public watering hole was completed in 1923, and since has served the community as a gathering place to relax and unwind. The pool includes over 820,000 gallons of water, refilled daily thanks to its construction atop a natural aquifer. The Venetian Pools offer crystal clear fresh water, naturally clean and refreshing, for swimmers of all levels. 

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