Delray Beach Home Security | 4 Home Security Features To Protect Your Delray House

4 home security additions to delray

Delray Beach and much of Palm Beach County are among the safest places to live and raise a family in America. However, despite our well-appointed community and overall lack of crime compared to most places, residents should never allow complacency to lower their guard entirely. It's one thing to leave the garage up while you're moving about the house, it's another altogether to avoid putting any security features in your Delray Beach house or condo. Here are 4 key security features of varying complexity that you should consider for your Delray Beach home!

remote garage door access

Remote Garage Door Access

We've all dealt with the crippling anxiety of being miles away from home and forgetting if we shut our garage door. Worry not with the aid of modern technology! Many smart home setups include garage access, perimeter security, and even light/ventilation control in some specific cases. A remote garage door can slam the door on misplaced anxiety, or in other cases be opened to allow necessary entries from family, friends, dog walkers, and more.


Spotlight Camera

A major limiting factor in armed robberies is the deterrent countermeasures employed outside of the home, as much as what might be behind the doors. Home security experts have long touted the importance of simple motion detection to thwart would-be burglars in their tracks. The calculus of robbery begins with the perceived security and potential dangers to both the health of the burglar and the success of the crime. A spotlight camera not only illuminates nearby movement but captures it on film - a one-two punch of safety and security. They're also very helpful when re-entering the home after dark. 

flood sensors

Flood Sensors

If there's one thing Delray Beach residents should always be prepared for, it's a hurricane. Hurricanes (especially close to the beach) cause a plurality of damage through the storm surge, rather than wind damage. Though both are a significant concern, the threat posed by rising floodwaters in East Delray as a result of a hurricane is palpable. Having inbuilt flood monitoring systems is a luxury for some, but could make a major difference in your family's response to rising waters during a natural disaster.

2 way voice chat

2 Way Voice

We've all seen the unnerving but sometimes hilarious confrontations between would-be package thieves and the mysterious voice that shocks them into flight. It's often through the door-mounted camera that a homeowner can confront or question a visitor to their front steps from afar. Despite the obvious applicability to front-door protection, a 2-way voice system is also helpful when addressing house-sitters, dog walkers, cleaning staff, or outside workers. 

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