Delray Beach Home Value | 5 Upgrades To Add Value To Your Delray Home

5 upgrades to increase home value

Don't depend on the whims of the market to dictate the value of your home! With the ever-present encorachment of Mother Nature and the wear-and-tear she imposes, upgrading your property inside and out is more than just a way to live better - it guarantees safety and maintains if not increases value. Here are 5 ways to invest in your Delray Beach home and change your fortune for the better!

install impact windows

Install Impact Windows

Impact Windows are the single most important bulwark against gale force winds and debris slung by the rare, but possible high-powered hurricane. These windows are part-and-parcel of almost every modern South Florida home build and thus are often included in newer home purchases. Beyond the fundamental protection they provide from severe weather, they play an intrinsic role in the insulation and temperature regulation of your home, reducing power costs and recouping some of the expenses shelled out for these windows in the first place.

renovate bathrooms

Renovate Your Bathrooms

The first of the major room renovations and likely the most affordable is the bathroom. Without the concern for gas lines among other issues found in kitchen renovation, the bathroom is the smallest and often one of the most impactful projects one can undertake to increase the value of their Delray Beach home. Most reasonably sized bathrooms will feature one set of cabinetry, one or two sinks, and a single bathtub or shower, making this one of the most sensible places to start reinvigorating your home value.

renovate kitchen

Renovate The Kitchen

Ahh, the kitchen... Everyone's favorite room in the house. Whether you like to dine out or are an avid home cook, the kitchen is one of the most expensive and sought-after rooms in the home to influence the decision of prospective home buyers. The kitchen is a meshwork of gas, electric, water, and lighting, and often deals with some of the highest temperatures and greatest ergonomic challenges in the home. The right spacing, countertops, and appliances make for a world of difference, and potentially thousands in value added or subtracted.


Modernize Your Flooring

Hardwood flooring is nice but subject to significant quality loss thanks to our daily humidity. For modern floors, look towards grout free tile, which is much easier to clean, or these composite wood-grain style tiles often made from ceramic and other durable materials. Modern, quality flooring stays cleaner, last longer, and can add character to your home.

new shingle roof

Replace Your Worn Out Roof

Roofing makes all the difference in terms of safety and ventilation. While hurricanes of the magnitude that tear roof shingles are exceedingly rare, that doesn't take away from the fact your roof plays a key role in the quality of your home inside and out. After all, it's the only thing that makes a collection of walls into a house, and the most important part of separating your home from the elements. A new roof can often be even cheaper than new windows and may be more necessary to replace than windows or floors.

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