Delray Beach Spring Cleaning | 5 Deep Cleaning Tasks You May Have Overlooked

overlooked spring cleaning tasks

Whether it's the push from our new year's resolutions, or just a desire to leverage this cliche to invigorate your itch to clean, Spring seems to bring our most dire cleaning needs to the surface. With the turn of a new year, and the symbolic nature of spring, many of us choose this time to tackle big tasks, take on new goals, and remove some of the flack that's been weighing us down - material or otherwise. Today's blog highlights 5 spring cleaning tasks that may be overlooked, forgotten, or ignored, but can make a major difference in the appearance and feel of your Delray Beach home.

dusty fan blade

Look Up!

With most of us well under 7 feet tall, and beautiful Delray Beach communities like The Estuary among dozens with cathedral-like ceilings, it's easy to forget there are things above us that collect dust and dirt over time. Fans, cabinet tops, the top of your refrigerator, keepsakes on vaulted shelves, lightbulb sockets, and the interior of your highest cabinets all deserve a once or twice-a-year dusting. Be safe and don't play with ladders if you're not able, but ongoing neglect can lead to an unwanted deluge of snow-like dust from your ceilings to your lap, furniture, and floor. Much like we clean ourselves (most of us at least), start from the top and work your way down, collecting the fallen dust and dirt from the floors as part of your final step.

man wiping baseboards

Don't Forget Your Baseboards

Baseboards are also easy to forget, as they lie at foot level and line every room of our homes. However, when baseboards collect dust, scratches, stains, and dirt, they can easily make a room look dingy. In the same way that light affects our perception of the size of a room without changing its proportions, unclean baseboards can bring down the energy of an entire room, even if the furniture and eye-level fixtures are as clean as can be. You'll be shocked when you see what refreshed and clean baseboards can do for the room around them, especially if it's been a long time since you've cleaned them.

hands cleaning in and behind an oven

Clean Behind Major Appliances

Yes, you should clean In them as well, but lest we forget that some of the most terrifying things tend to occur under and behind our ovens, fridges, and coolers. From gunk splashing off the stovetop, to dead bugs, grease, and those ice cubes your kids keep kicking under the fridge, the morass of grime may not be visible, but much like the vaulted dust atop your cabinets, it has an overall impact on the cleanliness of your home. Cleaning only the things you see will ensure that the consistent recycling of dust, dirt, and grime emerges from under and within these nooks and crannies, only to manifest later in the open - not to mention provide an atmosphere for insects such as the dreaded palmetto bugs to congregate.

door and window tracks in beachfront condo

Clean Door and Window Tracks

Have you ever swung open your sliding glass door and it felt like the track might have a few bumps in the road? As the lowest concave point between your Delray home interior and the outside, there are all manner of things that find their way into the unintentional dragnet of your door and window tracks. As these are often the most porous places in a home, insects like palmetto bugs will find their way through these cracks, along with rainwater, dust, dirt, pet fur, and crumbs. When you clean, and subsequently lubricate the sliding doors and windows in your home, the ease of sliding your door after months of fighting it to open is a euphoric feeling.

espresso maker

Coffee Makers, Tea Kettles, Toasters and Other Heated Appliances

Ovens and dishwashers have self-cleaning cycles, but what about other, less imposing culinary appliances? You may not see into the interior of your coffee machines, or espresso makers, or spend much time clearing your crumb tray, but the spaces in and around these crucial culinary appliances can be a gathering point for pestilence and grime. A gently diluted vinegar and water combination, run through these liquid-processing machines can clear buildup that is otherwise impossible to reach, separating impurities and organic buildup that will lead to the breakdown of your appliances and yet another way for dirt and dust to build.

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