Fall Cleaning Tips For Your Delray Beach Home

We might all associate big cleaning projects with Springtime, but a clean home doesn't take off for the holidays! Thankfully for us, the fall and winter seasons are the "clean seasons." Whereas our neighbors to the north deal with muddy boots, snow tracked into the house, and the inevitable shedding Christmas tree. In our Delray Beach homes, townhomes, and condos our sweaty summers and hurricane fears are abated by perfect, crisp weather and the inevitable onrush on family, friends, and tourists looking for greener pastures during the holidays. In anticipation of your family arriving, and tidying things up when the sun's not so brutal, here are some fall cleaning tips for your Delray Beach home!

A white wall with furniture in the bottom left corner

Wash Your Walls 

They make up all sides of your home, keep the air in and the mosquitos out, but when is the last time you washed your walls? Over time the tiniest specs of dirt, animal activity, food, and beyond are pressed up against our walls. Even without the obvious discoloration provided by a streak of grime, your walls may be losing their luster without you even trying. Take a moment to scrub your walls. We recommend Scrub Daddy or Magic Erasers as a soft, low-impact scouring tool that'll get the job done without scuffing or scratching your paint. 

A lady in yellow gloves washing a window

Wash your windows, window sills, and all the window grooves 

We know it's a pain to scrub, wipe, scrub, and repeat. For every Delray Beach resident, but pet owners especially, your window sills are a chief gathering point for dust, dirt, pet hair, and more. While you're addressing the exterior of your interior, scrubbing the walls - take a moment to wipe down your windows, sills, grooves, and baseboards. You'll be stunned at how much it'll brighten your space!

Cleaning your doorknob

Clean Your Doorknobs, Doors, and Light Switch Plates

Another often ignored, but surprisingly revealing cleaning tip is to handle the small items that our hands often touch more than anything else in the house. Your doorknobs may have years of scuffs, handprints, and streaks, while your doors can cake on the discoloration and dirt the same way your walls and windowsills do. Brighten your entire space from walls to doors while sanitizing the most often contaminated portions of your home that are too often ignored.

A woman kneeing on the ground starting the washing machine

Clean your washer and dryer

Another oft-neglected but still important piece is your washer and dryer. This means both the surfaces and the interior. A bleach or vinegar run can do wonders to cleanse the interior of your system, but in many cases (especially with front-loading washers) the rubber gasket that seals the door from the spinning interior can accumulate mold. This mold can at best inhibit your washer's ability, and at worst become toxic. The same extends to your dryer, which can become a fire hazard without adequate clearance of the lint catcher. Use a small hand vac if needed!

A hand dusting the door with a towel

Dust the tops of doors and door frames

You'd be surprised, even in homes with 10-foot ceilings and large doors, what can wind up sitting perched atop your interior doors. It's hard to imagine when walking from room-to-room, that so much dirt and dust could accumulate several feet overhead. If you've ever run a duster over a fan that's spent too long without a little attention, you'll know exactly what we mean. The door frames and tops of doors can accumulate dust just as easily as that fan, and if you're lucky us and enjoy a little circulating air, this can become much worse over time.

Someone vacuuming the floor

Vacuum under all beds, couches, and other furniture

So you had a busy summer, and your golden retriever had a wild one himself. With shedding season behind us, your couches, beds, and other footed furniture is sure to need a little TLC! Think of human and pet hair as a tumbleweed. It doesn't start that way, but over time gathers into a rolling morass of dust, dirt, and general nastiness. Whether by hand or with the perfect vac for the job, get under that furniture and prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt from metastasizing out of sight.

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