Farmhouse Style Additions To Charm Up Your Delray Beach Home

farmhouse style delray

"Farmhouse Style" doesn't have to be exclusive to the wide plains and rolling meadows of America's farm country. Some may refer to this style as "shabby chic," but that largely depends on the finish you choose. For instance, a candle lantern on its own, despite serving as an ancestral and outdated form of illumination, isn't automatically qualified as "shabby chic" if the finish and construction are not deliberately left undone, scratched, or slightly bent. This amateurish feel is also seen in many beachfront condos, where raw driftwood and unfinished paint strokes on wood surfaces provide a seaside shanty feel without the poor construction and missing amenities. Farmhouse-style additions add charm, but not necessarily a country feel to a modern Delray Beach home. There are many ways to include these designs without fully converting your entire home interior. In today's Delray Beach Real Estate blog, we'll share a few of these options. Some may require professional help, others just a little know-how and some elbow grease. Read on and let your imagination run wild! 

sliding barn doors

Sliding Barn Doors

Among the most popular Farmhouse of "shabby chic" additions are the classic barn doors. Usually comprised of bold wood and metal accents mountain against a wall-bolted chassis, the barn doors add charm and sensibility to an otherwise bland floor plan. With its slideout method of opening and closing, these farm doors also provide easier access when loading or unloading just about anything. Rather than dealing with an ajar door in the way and obstructing partial entry, the sliding barn door is a bold and attractive way to add old-school charm to a new Delray Beach home.

brass sink trough

Large Brass Trough-Style Sinks

Before choosing a brass water fixture, be sure to check the cleaning guides and make sure your brass fixtures aren't more work than they're worth. These brushed gold accents are bold, but blend perfectly with the right color scheme, especially when considering them against other metal pieces throughout the kitchen. For instance, they look fantastic against the (pictured) white subway tile backdrop and adjacent to the wrought-iron black stovetops. Ensure when choosing a brass fixture that the rest of the kitchen is taken into account. It might clash horribly if much of the sink is set behind stainless steel appliances, or look too busy set in the wrong color granite. Beyond malfunctioning equipment or overall cost, color is the only reason to veto this option outright.

reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood doesn't automatically mean live-edge or driftwood furniture found popularly throughout many Delray Beach waterfront condos, but it does add that rustic old-American energy that we love when viewing farmhouse-style home additions. Reclaimed wood is often visibly beautiful, eco-friendly, and highly durable. Salvaged and treated wood products are reformed into versions stronger and more attractive than they once were, creating a better feeling for you and the planet these materials are taken from and reshaped for our use.

beautiful candle lanterns

Candle Lanterns 

The most "19th century" of our list, candle lanterns, sconces, and other firelit light fixtures are beautiful ways to charm up the home without relying on old incandescent lights or Edison bulbs. With the use of electric tealights, lighting these beautifully decorative accents is easy and safe. Many of these candle fixtures feature decorative glassware, metal finishes, and tinted glass among other light-enhancing additions. With a small collection of matching lanterns, these can be easily packed away and rapidly deployed to turn your home from a simple house into a romantic getaway in seconds.

wicker and rattan natural setting patio

Woven, Wicker, and Rattan Furniture & Accents

Wicker, and its more Florida-friendly compliment, rattan, are woven fiber materials made from the leaves of willow and palm, respectively. These beautiful and timeless naturally sourced materials will always have a place in Delray Beach homes and South Florida as a whole. Thanks to their durability, versatility, and affordability, these easily accessible furnishing solutions add a local touch with a farm-style vibe. Better yet, depending on color, wicker and rattan furniture is transportable to just about any floor plan, design, and chosen aesthetic.

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