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the best gyms in Delray Beach

There's nothing wrong with indulging a little here and there! Sometimes, especially with the holidays looming, it's not easy to stay in our midsummer shape. Between the kids on break, work ramping up before the year's end, and the delectable indulgences of the winter ahead, it's easy to lose track of our personal fitness. At the heart of a sound body are a sound mind, (or maybe just a really healthy heart), and vice versa. To truly unify our goals in life and be as prepared and capable as possible, our physical vessels need a little love! Here are some of the very best in Delray Beach Gyms and Fitness.

PurLife Fitness Center

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PurLife Fitness Center is a talismanic business that draws locals from all over. Just next door to El Camino, PurLife is a training-intensive, integrated fitness center featuring a strong impetus on personal training and group fitness. While the open gym is stocked with top-tier equipment and solo machines, Purlife's greatest strength lies in its staff. With PurLife Cafe's open-air countertop, this beautiful facility is an omnipotent invitation to locals to eat clean and train dirty.

Johnny O's Gymnasium

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Johnny O's currently serves as the training grounds for some of the best athletes in the area, including Olympians who recently represented several nations at the Tokyo games. This massive indoor/outdoor facility features an exterior replete with a lined turf field, and other auxiliary field equipment not often seen at local gyms. Founded in 2019 by NSL Physique Pro and NPC Contest Johnny Olsen, this gym breezed through the lockdowns that challenged so many businesses like it and continue to set itself apart in so many ways.

LA Fitness

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We couldn't write this blog without including the reliable, available, and convenient LA Fitness. Delray Beach may not be as upscale (yet) as Boca Raton, but many of our finest gyms are boutique-style, training-intensive offerings that do not provide a price point that works for everyone. LA Fitness is here to meet that need, with basketball courts, an Olympic-style swimming pool, racquetball, free weights, and machines. For those looking for that extra push, LA Fitness offers personal training like any other gym on this list. LA Fitness may not have the perfect edges and pristine facilities that some of these other gyms do, but they can be found in 200 locations across 16 states. 

Atlas Fitness & Performance

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Atlas Fitness and Performance is aptly named for the mythical legend who bore the world on his shoulders. Much like the man who stood alone in the mythos, Atlas Fitness & Performance specializes in a one-on-one personal training experience, with group classes included. Despite their growing group offerings, Atlas focuses intensely on the relationship between the trainer and individual, providing Delray Beach's only trainer-specific space. Regardless of what you think you may know, you're never too fit for a second opinion and a fresh perspective. Since Atlas builds its name on the backs of its trainers, you know you're in for the elite, and that for every moment and dollar spent, your value is maximized to the fullest.

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