Delray Beach Home Appraisal Guide | How To Prepare For Your Home Appraisal

5 tips for your home appraisal

Home values are at an all-time high, but it's a terrible idea to rely on the "market " to rest on your laurels. The inflated value of your Delray Beach home is just as predicated on your care and dedication to the property as it is on the market. After all, the market is simply aggrandizement of home values, but the homes still must be valued themselves. Even while home materials are soaring in cost and labor is strained, there are several ways you can prepare your home to the best appraisal price, with or without heavy labor and major renovations. Read on to learn more and get the best price for your square footage! And... don't forget, that when you've done all that you can, the only better way to influence your home value is through the hard work and meticulous dedication of our incredible Delray Beach Real Estate team

review past appraisals

Review Past Appraisals

Before starting any work, be sure to look at past news and notes around the appraisal of your property. Much like you'd want to know about past accidents and the maintenance history determining the value of your car, you'll want to apply the same logic to the home. The words of prior appraisers may illuminate something you may have neglected when you moved in, and may still be neglecting when you move out. Beyond potential physical flaws, hearing the insights of industry professionals is a valuable way to plot your course when preparing for the upcoming visit.

curb appeal

Invest In Your Curb Appeal

If the exterior of things didn't matter, nobody would paint their cars. The ugliest car in the world might be the most reliable and affordable, but the lack of "curb appeal" could reduce the number of discerning eyes that shortlist your home in the first place. The first thing anyone sees before they enter the home is the outside. Be sure to clear any toys, lawn equipment, and debris from the yard. If possible, pressure washes the driveway, rooftops, and front entryway.

deep clean apartment

Clean Like You've Never Cleaned Before!

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we'll use another life metaphor to further drive our point home. If you're about to go on a first date with the partner of your dreams, would you shower? Would you make sure your hair, skin, and nails were on point? Would your outfit be hand-selected and pressed? If you cared that much, and they were worth it to you, you probably would do all these things. Extrapolate that logic to preparing your house for the appraiser, and watch the (metaphorical) sparks fly.

inform your appraiser

Inform Your Appraiser of Recent and Impactful Improvements

Your appraiser is a professional, not a wizard, nor a resident of your home. While you shouldn't follow the appraiser astride and act as your salesperson, if something significant has been accomplished, politely informing the appraiser of the improvements will ensure proper attention has been given, and nothing worthwhile to your cause will be overlooked.

check and test safety equipment

Check, Test, and Ensure Home Safety Equipment Is Working

This is as simple as replacing a 9V battery, but the lack of preparedness could lead to some poor marks from the appraiser. The first line of inquiry for the appraiser is the last line of defense for the residence. Without safety protocols properly followed and all equipment modernized and working, there will be massive repercussions despite the seeming unfairness of a battery (or lack thereof) docking your appraisal. Of course, you could always buy a brand new home in one of the newest neighborhoods in Delray Beach and start off with fresh batteries!

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