New Years Resolutions For Realtors | New Years Goals For Real Estate Agents

5 new years resolutions for realtors

Happy New Year! In a field as human-oriented and universal as real estate, there are plenty of ways general resolutions can apply to our working lives. After all, while sales savvy and technological prowess may be ways we get ahead, it's our foundation of communication, ethics, and knowledge that set us apart. Read on and learn how these five otherwise unilateral New Year's Resolutions can easily and aptly apply to your career as a Realtor.

phone addiction

Break The Digital Addiction

We've had smartphones and high-speed internet for the better part of two decades now, and at best we must acknowledge these powerful devices as a true double-edged sword. While we can complete tasks that would've otherwise taken hours in seconds, the productivity and accessibility our phones give us are often drowned out by the immense time wasted on them. This year, start becoming cognizant of any patterns, addictions, or even specific websites or apps that are commanding your attention without improving your life. Be sure to take time away from your phone, even if that means placing it in another room for a few minutes while you break during a work day. Acknowledge negative patterns, whether that be from the time you spend on the phone or the content you consume.

go digital

But... Go Digital

This might sound immediately contradictory but hear us out... It's not your smartphone that's the problem, it's the way you're using it. Think of a smartphone as a highly sophisticated hammer. The same device can be used to create structure, or destroy it. As a Realtor, you benefit from a heavily referral-based, old-school industry that still profits heavily from cold calls, billboards, handouts, and door-knocking. Yet, while these are not necessarily antiquated in our industry, they are far from the apex of the potential you have to get yourself out there. You have so many tools to distribute, connect, project, and analyze every move you make as a Realtor. To avoid the access and prowess these devices and apps can give you is to leave out a massive part of what should be your game plan in 2023.

be present

Be Present More Often

COVID-19 was a wild ride for all, but it had lasting impacts on the Real Estate industry still felt to this day. While most of us like to focus on the impacts COVID policy had on home prices, buyer activity, and inflation, we can't forget what it did to many who slunk back into their safe spaces and operated largely from afar. While you can achieve plenty from your home office via phone, web, and through assistants, a major part of what makes a Realtor special is their presence. This could mean everything from showing up to more open houses, hosting your events, attending more training, and showing your clients and sphere of influence that you are a pivot in the community whose knowledge is indispensable. As a Realtor, you are the bridge between old and new, and a guide to one of the most significant moments in anyone's life - buying, selling, or simply renting their next home. Do not take this responsibility lightly, and be proud of what you do. It's time to step up, shake hands, smile, and be seen.

stop worrying about what you cannot change

Stop Worrying About What You Cannot Change

The shop talk around the water cooler is usually related to "the market," "interest rates," or "legislation." While these are all compelling topics that directly impact our ability to do our job, they are something to discuss yet not fixate upon. We have no control over how the federal reserve acts upon inflation, but there is still so much we can do within ourselves and with our clients despite outside forces. We can continue to educate ourselves, improve our communication skills, help a reluctant buyer of a ledge and explain to them what we know and why it can help them. Oftentimes, a serious buyer may be ready to buy but may be dwelling on the timing of market forces. Rather than reinforcing their concern, why not use the time you'd waste lamenting a down market to learn new communication tactics that will honestly, yet compellingly support your buyer's decision?

business security

Increase Your Business Security

It's a digital world, and whether you like it or not, everything you have and everything you need is online. This includes banking data, passwords, healthcare info, your tax records, and more. Start with simple enhancements like 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), proper antiviral and security software, and (let's not forget) the security of your paper records from theft, or more likely fire or water damage. Real Estate is heavy on record-keeping, safe storage, and having a paper trail that's tractable and complete. The more secure your digital and physical records are, the more organized your business will be for the long haul.

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