Rainy Day Activities In Delray Beach | Indoor Activities In Delray Beach

The Summer rains are in full swing! Though it's been some time (fingers crossed) since we've had a real challenge to our structural integrity and community cohesion, that doesn't change the fact that a veritable monsoon can hit almost every afternoon. Though not life-threatening, these heavy rainstorms are lifestyle-threatening. After all, nobody wants to go to the beach when it's pouring outside, and when it's lightning, it's a definite no-go. When you're with family and friends looking for something fun to do, it's great to have these Delray Beach indoor activities in your back pocket. Whether it's rain pouring from the clouds, or sweat pouring from your brow, here are some rainy day activities you can enjoy in Delray Beach!

silverball museum delray


The Silverball Museum & Arcade is one of our absolute favorite places to enjoy some indoor fun in Delray Beach. They feature a full liquor bar for those looking to unwind rather than ramp up and often provide several discounts to make the already affordable experience that much more cost-effective. It's positioned just beyond Atlantic Avenue, a half-block past Johnnie Browns, perfect for the spillover that inevitably follows a raucous karaoke night. Gamer or not, Silverball Museum & Arcade offers something new, interesting, and unique to an already lively.

Three art pictures hanging against a white wall


The Blue Gallery is one of the best-known contemporary art galleries in South Florida, offering a wide complement of 3D and 2D art. Some of the most diverse selections are on display in this easily accessible gallery just off US 1 on Atlantic Avenue. Our personal favorites are the painted French Bulldog sculptures by Marc Lipp or the modernity of Sveta Esser. Regardless of your tastes, there's sure to be something to catch anyone's eye. Blue Gallery is the perfect place to duck away from the rainfall and see something incredible.

Two face masks leaning against each other in a theater


Located in the Lake Ida Homes District, the Delray Beach Playhouse is as much a historic site as it is an active and lively theatre. The Delray Beach Playhouse was borne from the postwar fervor to return to a peaceful lifestyle. Originally conceived in 1947, the Delray Beach Playhouse was opened in 1957, thanks in large part to architect Robert Blake, and fundraisers Thomas B. Thames and King Cone. The playhouse offers live music, Broadway shows, hit comedies, and even open casting for young Delray Beach players looking to ascend to a bigger stage before a broader audience.

A white sign that says nature center in red paint in the shape of an arrow


Located just south of Atlantic Avenue across from the beach, The Sandoway House Nature Center is another example of a traditional Florida residence (built-in 1936) that's been transformed to serve a new purpose. This ecosystem and marine life center opened in 1998 and continues to serve students, naturalists, tourists, and more. The education and the facilities on display provide unique insight into Florida's delicate ecosystem, letting visitors get up close and personal with some of our most unique flora and fauna - all while cultivating a sense of respect for our natural world.

People looking at art in a gallery


Founded in 1990, the Cornell Art Museum is housed in the restored 1913 Delray Elementary School Building at Old School Square. Part of Delray's numerous historical districts, the museum provides culturally relevant and imaginative art pieces crafted to stoke the hearts and minds of its visitors into a broader appreciation for fine art. After a $1 Million restoration in 2017, the museum dedicated its first floor to two large galleries and a museum store featuring the work of over 50 regional artists. The second floor is the spotlight gallery, providing month-long exhibition opportunities for local artists to show their works and for us to enjoy.

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