Summer In Delray Beach | 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your AC

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We love our red hot Florida Summers. Even amidst the stifling heat and accompanying humidity, the quieter roads and broader beaches are a welcome sight for year-round locals. Despite our time on the road and in our gathering places being a little less crowded, we all know that with the boon of summer freedom comes immensely higher cooling expenses. Our excellent team of Realtors advocates for the best value on your new Delray Beach home, yet we don't stop short at buying and selling. Read on and be sure to look into our Delray Beach Real Estate blog for more tips, tricks, and ways to get the most out of your A/C this summer!

air filters

Change your Air Filters on Time

This one seems fairly obvious, but it's something so many of us forget until months past their routine swap date. A regular swap of the air filter not only maintains airflow efficiency but also prevents the ever-increasing circulation of pet dander and pollen. For only a few dollars (or more if you prefer the high-end HEPA filters) you can keep your air quality where it should be while saving a little off your bottom line.

natural sunlight

Consider Limiting Inflow of Natural Sunlight

This is a challenging compromise, considering the many benefits of natural light in our living spaces. The inflow of natural light from a window, for example, has been associated with improved recovery times in hospitals when compared to windowless rooms. We're not encouraging you to convert your Florida room into a dungeon, but consider the impact sunlight, and the accompanying heat has when refracting off every surface in your home. Rooms with large unobstructed windows and poor circulation magnetize unnecessary heat and drive the overall temperature in the house up and with it your power bill.

shade trees

Make Use of Shade Plants

The most pristine and natural answer to the question of "how much light does I let in" is the deft use of shading plants. We understand that planting a live oak sapling on your acreage won't lead to lower power bills in a few weeks, but there are plenty of ways to use shrubberies, potted plants, and small trees to quickly add to your home's external beauty. Adding to your curb appeal while lowering your power bill? Sign us up!

weatherstrip doors and windows

Weatherstrip Your Doors and Window

Even nearly invisible cracks between doors and windows can lead to a small amount of airflow that has a significant overall impact on your cooling costs. Using a simple, and very affordable foam weather stripping to line doors and windows provides a superb insular layer that truly makes the house more airtight. In addition to this clear benefit, wayward insects will find it more challenging to enter the home through these otherwise perfectly suited cracks to slip through. When the heat is met with driving rain, something all too common in April, bugs, and humidity find a way home. Use weatherstripping to fight back!

use ceiling fans liberally

Use Ceiling Fans Liberally

When setting your A/C to "auto," you're telling the unit to cool the home until the inbuilt thermometer has determined the home has reached its desired temperature. Utilizing exclusively central A/C to bring the home to the set temperature is the most inefficient way to circulate air through the home. The use of fans, even in perpetuity at high, will never exceed the cost of not utilizing them. Fans placed near airflow are even better, as they will quickly latch onto and spin the cool air throughout the home at a pace that could never be matched by your air ducts alone. As a result, your home reaches your preferred setting faster, reducing the overall work performed by your most costly appliance.

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