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the best brunch in delray beach

Here it is. We finally got to brunch - Delray Beach's favorite meal. Atlantic Avenue, more than even Mizner Park or Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale, has the best selection of end-to-end brunch options. From Swinton to the waterfront, both the north and south sides of Atlantic Avenue are replete with delectable brunch deals, bottomless mimosas, and hangover cures in the form of skillet potatoes. Whatever your Saturday night on the Ave looked like, we know for certain that Sunday is covered. Residents of Pineapple Grove, the Historic Swinton area, and much of the Delray waterfront properties can walk to all of these locations, making Delray's brunch scene even more dynamic and inviting than Boca's.

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Farmhouse Kitchen

Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen on Atlantic Ave. is the sister to the Royal Palm Place location near our beach offices. Not only is it prominently placed and easily accessible, but they also feature a brunch menu for every background. Whether kicking off your bachelorette brunch with a round of fanciful mimosas or curing a Saturday night hangover with their delectable skillet potatoes, Gary Rack's is a superb blend of quality, accessibility, and versatility. Hardly a dainty brunch locale for the exclusively upscale, but far from an obnoxiously loud hotspot for the young and hip, Farmhouse sits in our list the way it does on Atlantic Avenue - prominent, available, and always enjoyable.

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The Office Delray

The Office is one of the longest-standing restaurants in Delray Beach - featuring one of the best burgers in Delray we've tried. The Office is always a popular spot for brunch-goers looking to enjoy a little shade from the Florida heat, but remain planted in one of the best indoor/outdoor bars in the city. Their open-air concept lends to the fun and social-forward aspects of the bar, allowing for as many random encounters with friendly strangers as places to pop up and enjoy a bloody mary with your best friend. Sitting at the crux of Pineapple Grove and Atlantic Ave not far from Cannery Row Townhomes. this is the one time we suggest going to The Office on Sunday!

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Over The Bridge Cafe

This tiny little breakfast locale is thankfully named for its location, and with its prominent outdoor seating and signage, it's not as hard to miss as one might think. As a breakfast and brunch-focused restaurant, (the first thus far on our list) you can bet that tremendous thought and care has been placed into their menu, with everything from chorizo breakfast tacos to fluffy, flavorful omelets. Just a quick walk from both the beach and the Atlantic Ave. and the beautiful hotels and resorts, Over the Bridge Cafe, is one beautiful place to soak up the seabreeze and eat like royalty. 

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Costa by OK&M

Costa is a newer restaurant directly on Federal Highway (US-1) and Atlantic Avenue. With a focus on clean, organic, whole food ingredients serving an ever-growing customer base since its opening last year. Similar to some of our favorite farm-to-table restaurants in Boca Raton, Costa focuses on sourcing from local purveyors, including a special section on their website where they share their local partners for meat and produce. Proudly transparent, we like the vibe given off by Costa, as more and more demands are put on our food system to pull back the curtains, Costa is in front of consumer demand so we never question the quality and dedication to our local market.

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Green Owl Restaurant

Right amid downtown, the Green Owl is a legacy restaurant in Delray Beach, serving customers for years before the city's current business and population boom. Some have likened it to Cheers but for breakfast, with a great lively social atmosphere and a renowned service-staff, known for their friendliness. Families love bringing their kids here to eat, not just for the staff but for the simplicity of the food, and the high quality of the coffee. This bright and sunny brunch spot is here to stay and will be here for years to come serving an ever-grateful local populace craving something besides the upscale and often pricey options on the Ave.

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