The Best Island Food In Delray Beach

With the summer heating up and beach season well underway, we're ready to soak up the tropical vibes from every angle. Whether it be through the sunshine and sea breeze, or on our plates, these delicious Caribbean restaurants are a reflection of South Florida's island population. As an extension of Latin America and the Caribbean, the only place better to find Caribbean food is the Caribbean itself! Through Delray Beach's notable Jamaican, Haitian, and broader islander populace, we're fortunate to enjoy these unique locally owned eateries. Here are the best places to get island food in Delray Beach!

Lobster on a tray with clams

A&E Caribbean Cafe

The A&E Caribbean Cafe is a Haitian restaurant located off Lake Ida Rd. just beyond Congress Ave. They have been hailed by locals of Caribbean descent and not as one of the hidden gems of Delray Beach, with both their abundance and punchy flavors noted as high points. Their stewed goat, griot with pikliz, and lemonade are among the notable favorites cited by their regular patronage.

 Lobster on a tray with lemon

Island Buzz Jamaican Cuisine 

Jamaican Food is demonstrably different from Haitian food, both due to its topographical makeup and English colonial background, rather than French. Though neither antecedent nation has much to do with the cuisine itself, the evolution of Caribbean food over the past few centuries has felt the ripple effect of who arrived where. Island Buzz Jamaican Cuisine is a dependable stop for classic Jamaican dishes, such as oxtail, jerk chicken, and curried goat. 

Jamaican Food in a skillet

Bamboo Fire Cafe 

Aside from the catchy name, Bamboo Fire Cafe might be the most popular and best-known Caribbean restaurant in Delray Beach. Check their Facebook page for daily specials such as cracked conch fritters, fried whole snapper, and loaded tostones among many delectable and unique cuisines. The vibe and energy are relaxed, bringing the islands to you in a low-key and warm atmosphere. Customers also report the quality and favorable prices as reasons to return to this beloved Delray Beach favorite.

Tuna tar tar on a white plate with chips in it

Sweet's Sensational

Though a bit challenging to find (isn't that the charm of a place like this?) this locally-owned favorite was discovered by many as they ordered online during the pandemic. The ladies in the kitchen are passionate about their work, and their quality is demonstrated through both their cuisine and customer service. The cleanliness and affordability of Sweet's Sensational have also been lauded as a prime reason to visit, return, and return. You can expect the best Jamaican food - oxtail, beef patties, curried goat, jerk chicken, and conch soup. A must-try!

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