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the best spas and salons in delray beach

Boca Raton to the south may be better known for its posh lifestyle and luxurious glamor, but don't let Delray slip under your radar! This seaside town is home to some of the very best in the industry, as evidenced by their training pedigree, the body of work, and most importantly, what their customers have to say about their quality and service. We asked around and canvassed our city to learn where the best salons and spas in Delray Beach are! Here's a little of what we learned...

bond street salon

Bond Street Salon

Bond Street Salon is one of the oldest tenured businesses in the Pineapple Grove District. Just a few feet from City Walk at Pineapple Grove and a short walk/drive from the numerous Lake Ida homes, Bond Street Salon has served the people of Delray Beach for many years. Their philosophy is in their belief that one's hair is one of the greatest natural accessories, and as hairdressers, they are trusted stewards of your look, and overall confidence. As a teaching salon, they pass the jewels of knowledge down the line to the newest hairdressers destined for years of greatness. Bond Street is everything you'd want in your community salon!

riot hair lounge

Riot Hair Lounge

This extremely well-appointed and spacious salon takes its atmosphere seriously, with dedicated yet friendly hairdressers working on a primarily female clientele, specializing in long hair, color, and layering. Don't let their focus fool you, as this is merely evidence that their stylists have what it takes to cut and color any style on any person. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly disposition of both hairdressers and patrons make for a top-quality experience without the uppity nature of high-end salons.

castello salon and spa

Castello Salon & Spa

Just south of Linton Rd. at the Shoppes at Latitude, nearby its namesake condos, The Residences at Latitude lies the well-reviewed Castello Salon & Spa. Notable reviews, particularly, have pointed out their rescue efforts as clients entered with badly damaged hair, skin problems, and fading colors. The cleanliness of the salon and the personal touch of each stylist is evidenced by the many mentions in their reviews. For a truly professional touch, or if your hair and skin need some TLC, look no further than this South Delray gem hiding right under our noses.

allure by the sea spa

Allure by the Sea

Allure By The Sea is a day spa and boutique with a full salon and even at-home services offered by its talented staff. The lightly decorated, sunkissed salon allows for the natural lighting that gives life to a room to shine through each day. They source some of the very best in hair and skin care products used both in their treatments and for sale in their boutique. Its location near the water lends credence to its name. It is bright, cheery, and staffed with caring professionals who work to bring out the best in you.

tyler presley salon

Tyler Presley Salon

Sporting a nearly 5-star Google rating with a massive 146 reviews, Tyler Presley Salon is a more traditional salon setting, with a clean, highly professional feel featuring sophisticated equipment and a comfortable environment. The salon is renowned for its wedding and makeup services and is endorsed by some of the most prominent aesthetic schools in the area, where the Tyler Presley Salon serves as a professional pipeline to integrate the best young talent in the business. They take the time to reply to each Google Review, which may seem insignificant but is evidence that the staff is listening to feedback and taking the time to adjust around the needs of their client, something that can't be said for every business online. The reviews speak for themselves, and the gallery of beautiful new styles, colors, and makeup further proves they are as good as it gets in Delray Beach.

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