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the best sports bars in delray beach

Delray Beach might not be the Midwestern blue collar sports mecca that some of our transplants might be visiting from, but that doesn't mean our locals don't love their sports! With so many demographics represented and a national diaspora living around every corner, each pocket of Delray Beach offers a little something for fans of every team. Don't expect a megalithic, dedicated fanbase to one single team, but rather an amalgamation of representatives from every division, league, and athletic endeavor. For that reason among many, we're excited to unveil some of our favorite spots to catch the game with our list. Read on and learn where our choices reside for the best sports bars in Delray Beach!

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sandbar delray beach bar

The Sandbar

The Sandbar is more of a total experience than a dedicated sports bar, but it still very much deserves a place on our list. The beachfront bar sitting just a few feet south of the traffic light on A1A is a hotspot for young beachgoers and local sports fans alike. Be mindful that TV space is limited to its central and side bars, so come early to catch the game. The Sandbar is a cooled, but fully outdoor bar that can get red hot during the midsummer, so be wary of that dangerous alcohol-sunlight combo. The open-air, smiling bar staff and beachfront access is enough to keep us coming back whether the game is on or not!

blue anchor british pub delray beach

The Blue Anchor British Pub

The Blue Anchor is one of the favorites among locals, with its authentic seaside British vibe, it especially stood out during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Just a few feet from the Atlantic Avenue drawbridge, this standout pub is noted for its warm environment, complete with the dark wood and royal blue hues one would come to expect from a British Pub. With some of the best drink prices on the market, we love coming here for the big game, or just a quick after-work drink!

buffalo shrimp at brus room delray beach

Bru's Room Delray Beach

Bru's Room might just be the most tried and true sports bar in Delray Beach. Just a block off Atlantic Avenue in the Pineapple Grove Arts District, Bru's Room rivals Flanigans and The Ale House as one of the best regional chains for sports enthusiasts. Bru's Room serves up the expected bar fare and draft beers along with wall-to-wall widescreen TV's and surround sound. Word has it, The New York Jets fans like to congregate here on Sundays, so either join in or steer clear, depending on how you feel about Gang Green.

delray hideaway cocktails

Delray Hideaway

The closest thing to a speakeasy in Delray Beach, the Delray Hideaway is tucked away on Atlantic Avenue, barely visible from the streetside but well worth the extra few steps to anyone who decides to enter. This tiny hole in the wall bar features some intriguing live performances, karaoke, and delicious balanced cocktails to go along with the TV's and overall aura that makes the Delray Hideaway a local favorite. After years in the business, surrounded by competitors, and a not-so-conspicuous entryway, the Delray Hideaway's mere endurance shows its value to locals looking to chill out and get away.

hurricane bar and lounge delray beach

Hurricane Bar And Lounge

Last but far from least is the Hurricane Bar And Lounge. The Hurricane Bar shades more towards a sports bar than a local "dive" bar like the Delray Hideway, but nonetheless provides plenty for both game viewers and diners alike. The Hurricane Bar shares a wall with Hawkers, one of our favorite pan-Asian restaurants in the county, and the perfect companion for those looking to eat their fill elsewhere and spend more time focused on the game, and less on their plate. The Hurricane Bar is one of several popular bars among locals. With less of a streetside presence, we hope our blog and the word around town will shed light on some of our local favorites, many of whom don't have the sky-high advertising budgets we come to expect from larger, more corporatized restaurants and sports bars.

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