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the top 10 zillow search terms of 2023

Zillow may be one of the more contentious topics for local Realtors, but that doesn't mean it is without utility. As a cursory, search-based starting place with a major online footprint, Zillow provides browsers with a very high-level, basic overview of the local real estate market. In addition, its presence has been a major publication for local listings, though the frequency of updates and accuracy of information has long frustrated agents. In fact, even Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff has admitted to the necessity of real estate agents, most notably after selling his home for much less than the "Zestimate" provided by the site.

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1. Garage

This one is pretty simple. With nationwide spikes in auto theft among added concerns for your vehicular health, it's never a bad idea to ask for an attached garage to protect your vehicle and most importantly mechanical assets from the elements and more.

2. Backyard

Growing families are increasingly choosing Delray Beach as the perfect blend of youthful vigor and classy elegance. Communities like Tuscany exemplify the blend of form, function, location, and amenities. A backyard is the perfect place to 'get the lead out' after school and to host parties, small gatherings, and more.

3. Fireplace

This list is pulled from a national data set, so context is important here. Though we have a few nippy days between October and March, buying a home with a fireplace in mind is an extreme rarity for anyone seeking Delray Beach Real Estate.

4. Walk-in closet

While puffer jackets and snow pants aren't needed in Delray Beach, there are still so many reasons to enjoy a walk-in closet as part of your Delray Beach home. The local boutiques, stylish restaurants, and generally good weather provide ample reasons to enjoy a robust wardrobe. Walk-in closets give homeowners the storage to look their best for every occasion.

5. Patio

This one hits home. Patios, lanais, pool decks, and outdoor spaces are a major part of any home search in Delray Beach. Bonus points go to enclosed, screened-in, or feature-rich patios, balconies, and pool decks. Many Delray Beach communities prominently feature an outdoor space as part of the home's inherent charm.

6. Open floor plan

Gone are the old-fashioned, European-inspired chambered homes that were built to sequester unfavorable temperatures and have been replaced with open-concept floor plans and modern technology to create a welcoming atmosphere. Floor plans often include center islands between kitchens that lead to living areas. Split floor plans allow for bedrooms and bathrooms to remain separate from the naturally lit, breathable spaces that are perfect for visitors.

7. Pool

Another staple of Delray Beach Real Estate, everyone enjoys a good private pool. Outside of those with young children or those looking to avoid the maintenance requirements of such a feature, pool homes in Delray Beach are among the most popular searches for new buyers looking within the vicinity. 

8. Family room

A pretty general appeal to open floor plans and visitor-friendly spaces, the family room is not far from a "den" in the sense that it can serve the foremost interests of each unique family. Unlike dens, however, the family room is often the centerpiece of an open floor plan, with visibility to the kitchen and living room. 

9. Basement

A useless search term for anyone buying in South Florida. However, we're highlighting the top 10 nationwide searches, and not focusing entirely on the local audience. After all, with so many newcomers from different states, namely those losing thousands of residents per year, like New York, New Jersey, or Illinois, it's never a waste of time to learn what they're searching for before they arrive.

10. Granite counter

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock comprised primarily of quartz, potassium, and sodium. Formed by magma, granite is one of the most popular countertop materials in the world. It is highly resistant to heat, chipping, and scratches. As a countertop solution, it is one of the most attractive, versatile, and durable options.

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