The Top 4 Sushi Restaurants In Delray Beach

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we can't stress enough how diverse and immense Delray's culinary scene truly is. While Boca Raton has its national reputation and Boynton Beach to the north has its special destinations, what makes Delray Beach special is a little different than its neighbors. As we make our way from one end of Atlantic Ave. to the next, we've learned about the best restaurants in Delray Beach at any price point. Considering how well our prior sushi blogs were received, and just how beloved this exotic, handheld Japanese treat truly is, here are the best 4 places to get sushi in Delray Beach!

Salmon sushi on a board

Lemongrass Asian Bistro

Lemongrass has a shared location here in Royal Palm Place (Boca Raton) but its Atlantic Avenue location is one of our very favorites. Just a few moments away from numerous downtown Delray Beach homes and condos Lemongrass can be easily identified by its lime green awnings and will be remembered through its excellent quality and customer service. Perfect for a date night or a boxed lunch, their menu is one of the best and most diversely applicable values of any restaurant on Atlantic Ave. 

Hint: we suggest the avocado rolls!

Sushi on a black board

Yama Japanese Restaurant

A short walk from Atlantic Avenue lies Pineapple Grove, the premier art district in Delray Beach. An elevator ride away from City Walk At Pineapple Grove, Yama has much more to sell than its perfect location. Their menu features Japanese, Thai, and Korean favorites across the hot, cold, and appetizer sections. Yama's selection and more than reasonable prices an off-the-ave location make it one of the most popular, yet relaxing locales in Delray Beach. Without the noisome atmosphere of Atlantic Ave, Yama has long been a favorite for locals, served by the family-owned restauranteurs since 1991!

A bunch of mini sushi rolls

Nana Noodles And Sushi Bar

Nana Noodles and Sushi Bar is the only sushi restaurant not featured in the downtown district of Delray Beach. Nana's small, quaint corner is conveniently located at the northwest corner of Military Trail and Atlantic Ave. Without the showiness of Atlantic Avenue, Nana offers a more subdued environment for those looking to dine in. Much like its predecessors, Nana Noodles and Sushi Bar offers a wide selection of Japanese and Thai favorites, and might just take the cake for our favorite takeout spot in the Delray Beach area. 

Bright colored sushi in a tray

City Oyster & Sushi Bar

The only non-Japanese-focused restaurant on our list, City Oyster & Sushi Bar is similar to Lionfish, found just a block away. These two restaurants share a common coastal focus, but do not restrict their myriad of seafood offerings to a specific global region. Rather, they embrace fresh catch as a whole, offering sushi in conjunction with their famous raw bar and decadent favorites like a lobster tail. Don't let the overall generality of their menu fool you. Despite their diverse menu, City Oyster spares no expense and cuts no corners in their effort to bring you the best of fresh catch and hand-rolled sushi every day.

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