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5 delray beach public parks

Delray Beach is a verdant and azure city, with both beautiful inland gardens and the natural majesty of the Atlantic Ocean on offer. For families, pets, and those young and old seeking fresh air, the Delray Beach Parks and Recreation Department provides over 40 parks and recreational facilities. These include everything from a splash park, skatepark, and a guarded stretch of public beach. For our top 5 public parks in Delray Beach, we chose a wide variety of interests, rather than our personal favorites. Read on and learn where to skate, splash, swim, and run across beautiful Delray Beach!

atlantic dunes park

Atlantic Dunes Park

Delray Beach's most notable oceanfront park, Atlantic Dunes Park rests just beyond Linton Rd. directly on the water. Atlantic Dunes Park is one of the only shaded areas along the beach, with picnic tables and pavilion rentals for small parties, and a serene boardwalk leading to the guarded beach, perfect for families ready to enjoy a calm day on the water.

Best For: Beachgoers, Private Parties, Family Days

505 teen center

505 Teen Center

Blink and you'll miss it, but the 505 Teen Center on US-1 in Delray Beach has served the youth of Delray Beach since its conversion from the Delray Beach Women's Club, which still hold meetings at the center. The 505 Teen Center provides a mission-oriented recreational facility for young people to gather, communicate, and develop respect, self-esteem, and leadership skills. Among the favorites at the 505 Teen Center are the full-size basketball court, recording studio, billiard room, and of course, its skatepark. 

Best For: Youth Engagement, Action Sports, Downtown Gatherings

catherine strong splash park

Catherine Strong Splash Park

The Catherine Strong Splash Park is centered around its namesake splash zone but is far from limited to this singular feature. The park is perfect for large and small gatherings, with numerous rental pavilions including the "Sports Field Pavilion" next to the numerous athletic facilities. Named for former Mayor, City Clerk, and woman-about-town Catherine Strong (1911 - 1963), the park has recently partnered with the Boys and Girls Club to offer organized sports tournaments, special events, and educational opportunities.

Best For: Parties, Hot Summer Days, Sports

cornell park delray beach

Cornell Park

Cornell Park isn't advertised as a dog park but is a favorite for downtown Delray Beach residents. Situated within the Historic Swinton area of Northern Delray Beach, this small but beautiful park is lined by pines and scrubland surrounding wide swathes of open grass for dogs and children to run and play. There are multiple stations to dispose of dog waste and small garbage and plenty of streetside parking for those not arriving on foot.

Best For: Dog Owners

leon m weekes environmental preserve

Leon M. Weekes Environmental Preserve

The final of our five very diverse highlighted parks in Delray Beach, the Leon M. Weekes Environmental Preserve is one of several natural preserves for Delray Beach residents to immerse themselves in our beautiful environment. Leon M. Weekes (1926 - 2014) moved to Delray Beach in 1953 and was a frequent non-profit volunteer, Delray Beach Commissioner, and former Mayor. The Park includes highly specialized flora and fauna, many of which thrive in the teeming Florida Scrubland and a few other places in the world. For a quiet nature walk, and for the rare opportunity to see something extraordinary, visit Leon M. Weekes Environmental Preserve to step back into nature.

Best for: Natural Immersion, Birdwatching, Quiet Walks

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