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5 healthy delray beach restaurants

Let's face it. With less time (no time, actually) under the spell of winter, and the ever-vibrant lifestyle encouraged by living in Delray Beach, the desire to be healthy and look your best is as omnipresent as it is anywhere. While we're not one to frown on an indulgent meal, nor discourage you from trying the many phenomenal new restaurants in Delray Beach, we're here to paint the full picture and give the reader everything you'd want to know about the Delray Beach lifestyle. For every dollop of truffle butter and handcrafted pastry, there's a spot offering clean fare and healthy ingredients, perfect for on the go and at the beach! Read on to learn where our 5 favorite healthy restaurants in Delray Beach can be found!

healthy wrap

Fit Food Express

Tucked away a few feet from Bedner's Market on Lake Ida Rd. Fit Food Express has been a local favorite for health nuts, dog walkers, and pilates lovers for over 10 years. Yet, this quaint, clean, and well-staffed locale is far from just a place for the health-conscious. Their decadent acai bowls range from light and refreshing to downright decadent, without ever sacrificing the flavor and richness one might expect from their favorite desserts. Live healthy and try a Fit Food Express Bowl when you're craving something sweet!

veg eats vegan restaurant

Veg Eats Foods

Veg Eats foods is among the best marriages of health and decadence among vegan food we've ever seen. This woman-owned local business hits the spot for the plant-based crowd and anyone looking to try something new and alternative in Delray Beach. Veg Eats specializes in scrumptious sandwiches, soups, and seasonal desserts using the highest quality handmade and fresh sourced ingredients. Favorites include the Texas Burger, Reuben, and Fenway Philly - a major part of why they've been voted the best vegan restaurant in Palm Beach County for the past three years.

whole green cafe

Whole Green Cafe

Voted one of the best of Delray Beach for 2022, The Whole Green Cafe is in many ways the savory complement to the vibe at Fit Food Cafe, featuring vegan Buddha bowls, poke bowls, smoothies, wraps, and salads. Situated just off US-1 in walking distance of 236 Fifth Avenue, Whole Green Cafe is a favorite for morning joggers, guests of the adjacent Marriott, and the many downtown Delray Beach condo owners fortunate enough to live in such a vast and resplendent cultural corridor. 

wild celery

Wild Celery

One of the newest restaurants on the health food block just a few feet from The Barrton Condos, Wild Celery is situated on southbound US-1 shortly before the major intersection at Linton Rd. Their desire to lead a "nutrition evolution" is at the core of their mission, recognizing that the challenge many faces to eat healthily comes down to abundance and availability. Wild Celery walks the walk they outline in its mission, offering fresh juices, smoothies, handcrafted bowls, homemade supplements, body care products, and other green items made by artisans around the world. 

playa bowl

Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls is the largest and most recognizable name on our list, and a surefire bet in over 20 states for premium acai bowls and fresh smoothies. Located on Atlantic Avenue proper, between the beachfront and the drawbridge, Playa Bowls is the perfect stop for anyone looking to enjoy a nutrition-packed refreshing breakfast before a day on the sand, or looking to cool off afterward. Beyond their terrific and healthy menu, Playa Bowls is aptly decorated and inviting, with smiling staff and beachfront decor to set the tone for a great weekend on the water.

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