The Top 5 Private Schools In Delray Beach

top 5 private schools in delray beach

Delray Beach is a wealthy city. The city is perhaps not as well-to-do as Highland Beach or Boca Raton, but the concentration of wealth and quantity of upscale neighborhoods with young families, like Tuscany allows for private schools to thrive. A younger city than nearby Boca, Delray Beach has a greater need for outstanding private schools, and thus far the need has been met. As of the 2023 school year, 14 private schools are educating 4,014 students in Delray Beach (per This population accounts for 34% of all K-12 students, a stark 21% increase from the statewide average of 13%. Thus, this guide becomes all the more important for parents and students in Delray Beach. Read further and learn where the top 5 private schools in Delray Beach are and why they are so lauded for the work they do.

american heritage school delray

The American Heritage School (PK-12)

The American Heritage School in West Delray Beach is the second campus of this illustrious private institution. Known as both a pipeline to the Ivy League and the NFL, the American Heritage School encompasses some of the most diverse and enriching school programs in Delray Beach. Few private schools in the area provide as significant a sports program as its thespian programs combined with academically rigorous studies. The overall umbrella of events, opportunities, clubs, organizations, teams, and the superb educational standard is why American Heritage Alums are found in laboratories, libraries, and on the gridiron each Sunday afternoon.

gulf stream private school

Gulf Stream School (PK - 8)

Just north of Delray Beach, the town of Gulf Stream resides in the confines of Boynton Beach. The small, PK-8 Gulf Stream academy is just steps from the Boynton Beach waterfront sitting in a beautiful patch of green space. Gulf Stream School approaches the student with a well-rounded approach that supplements its vigorous academic program with a consistent presence of art & athletics. The wonderfully constructed curricula are complemented by a staff of loving, caring teachers and faculty. Students leave prepared for the next level of their education and a backdrop in what they may pursue for the rest of their lives.

st vincent ferrer catholic school

St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School (PK - 8)

Though a Catholic School, St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School is open to all from any background. This small, beautiful PK-8 academy is just two blocks from the Delray Beach waterfront. Parents have raved about the equally rigorous and accepting academic program, the kindness fostered in the student body, and the numerous extracurriculars offered by the curriculum. Perhaps most importantly, St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and has a sterling record when it comes to this commonly articulated fear. The school instills a sense of duty, community, and civic engagement, providing for better students and a better tomorrow.

unity church and school

Unity School (PK - 8)

Another Christian school just a few steps from St. Vincent Ferrer, this slightly larger non-denominational Christian School attracts many of the most successful families for its dedication to the individual worth and dignity of each child. The curriculum at Unity School was developed to accommodate the growing brain of a child, with significant research backing the decisions made when designing each program. The superb additions of physical fitness, community engagement, arts, sciences, and core academics create a well-rounded platform for children to learn what they love and pursue their dreams. The union of mind, body, and spirit in a loving environment backed by extremely educated administrators wielding a biological understanding of brain development makes for one of the best schools in not just Delray Beach, but the county as a whole.

Ambrose Bay Private School

Ambrose Bay School (9 - 12)

The Ambrose Bay School is a small private high school just north of The Boys Farmers Market on Military Trail. The school, with a population of just under 100 is known for its high minority enrollment, outstanding teacher-to-student ratio, and accommodating online programs. In addition to allowing post-graduate or non-enrolled students to seek a high school diploma via their online program, they offer services in multiple languages to ensure students of all backgrounds and origins can find their feet in Delray Beach and succeed in the years to come.

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