The Top 5 Public Schools In Delray Beach

top 5 public schools in delray beach

Though limited in scale compared to nearby towns, Delray Beach offers a robust public educational system, replete with magnet schools, special interests, and superb college placement opportunities. As the school year comes to an end and parents evaluate the year that was, we're here to provide a short but important list that identifies some of the best-rated public schools in Delray Beach. Read on to learn more, and get your mind, home, and family ready for a productive year ahead!

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Morikami Park Elementary School

Morikami Park Elementary is a Pre-K through 5th-grade magnet school with a population of over 800 students. The school performs extremely well and serves its community proudly, with over 20% of enrolled students considered economically disadvantaged. Despite the challenges at home for some of its students, 98% of its students test proficiently in math, and 96% in reading. The 16:1 student-to-teacher ratio is on par with the district, and minority enrollment sits at 44%. The school lies in the shadow of the Morkiami Museum and Japanese Gardens, and is just a short trip from the likes of Grande Orchid Estates among other great gated communities to live. 

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Banyan Creek Elementary School

Following suit after the high-achieving Morikami Park, Banyan Creek Elementary School is one of the best elementary schools in Florida for student progress. Their year-over-year progression and outstanding test scores are pacing the state at a time when Florida's primary education system is posting record numbers in comparison to other states. The low-income demographic scores at or above state average, once again displaying the Delray Beach education system's capability to elevate its most needy families.

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Orchard View Elementary School regards Orchard View as a 5-star school, performing above average by double digits percentages in math, reading, and English. Their "equity" overview, which reviews the performance of low-income or minority students is higher than the prior two schools. The central location of the school serves a wide range of families of all backgrounds to great success, while their disability suspension rate, or the percentage of disabled students suspended for behavioral troubles, is significantly lower than the state averages.

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Pine Grove Elementary School

Pine Grove Elementary School serves a large minority and underserved demographic and shows outstanding year-over-year progress in its students. Suspension, chronic absence, and student discipline rates are comparably low compared to statewide numbers, while test scores continue trending upward. According to, 92% of currently enrolled students fall in the low-income bracket, and yet the school has proudly served these students in progressing towards a better tomorrow. Nearly 40% of the students are considered "English Learners," adding to the challenges the incredible staff face when raising these young ones. Best of all, the 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio is 23% better than the state average.

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S.D. Spady Elementary School

Named for historic local leader Solomon David (S.D.) Spady, a prominent African-American educator and local leader from 1922 to 1957, Spady's name is draped across his namesake elementary school and nearby cultural museum. Serving much of North-Central Delray around the Lake Ida regions of Delray Beach Real Estate, S.D. Spady is growing the minds of a crucially important future generation occupying one of the most populous places in Delray Beach.

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