The Ultimate Guide To Downtown Delray Beach

the ultimate guide to downtown delray beach

Downtown Delray Beach has a profile that is larger than life. Starting at the crossroads of West Atlantic Avenue and Swinton, Downtown Delray Beach is a remarkable blend of historic significance, modern nightlife, fine dining, and upscale shopping. Despite the elevated appearance, there is so much for everyone from all walks of life to enjoy. For our part, we've walked the Ave dozens of times, spent hours on the beach, eaten at dozens of restaurants, put back a few after dark, and enjoyed the historical significance of the homes that surround it. We've written plenty about Delray Beach Real Estate, and the magnificence of Downtown Delray Beach. Yet with this guide, we pull things together to give you the most comprehensive visitor (and resident) guide to Downtown Delray Beach - the lifestyle, the real estate, and the history.

delray beach pavillion


Beachside is exactly as it sounds. It is the area closest to the beach! Marked by the beautiful central pavilion and numerous waterfront restaurants, the Delray Beachfront runs from George Bush Blvd. to Linton Rd. and encompasses all the restaurants, bars, hotels, mansions, and waterfront condos like The Grosvenor House and Costa Del Rey Residents enjoy the wide sidewalk spanning the length of the beach, where rollerbladers, dog walkers, vacationers, and joggers all have their lane on our lovely beach.

 pink pinapple grove street sign

Pineapple Grove Arts District

The Pineapple Grove Arts District is west of the beach but east of Swinton Blvd. This region is marked by its distinct fixtures, including the noticeably colorful street signs, wrapped light poles in sparkling LEDs, and some of the best local businesses in Downtown Delray. Spots such as the 3rd & 3rd bar, Coffee District, and townhomes like Cannery Row add flair and color to this area known for its beautiful galleries and quaint cafes. Perhaps the most colorful, vibrant, and local-friendly of the downtown regions, Pineapple Grove is a joy for residents and a beautiful site for the many thousands of visitors who stay during the season.  

SoFA Delray Beach new

SOFA (South of Atlantic)

SofA is short for South of Atlantic and mostly mirrors the latitudinal distribution of Pineapple Grove. While Pineapple Grove is north of the Atlantic and features numerous boutiques, brunch spots, and small galleries, SofA is marked by large hotels, major businesses, and even waterfront condos such as The Delray Harbor Club. Intracoastal access is part of what separates SofA from Pineapple Grove, but the large-scale entities like iPic, The Delray Beach Market, and 236 Fifth Avenue Condos. Sofa is also one of the most geographically advantageous areas, with both Linton Rd. and Atlantic Avenue (Delray's access points to i95) spanning the northern and southern borders of the region.

the set downtown delray

The Set

The Set is the westernmost region of Downtown Delray Beach and the quietest in terms of nightlife and tourist bustle. The Set begins west of Swinton Blvd. - where much of the nominal nightlife and fine dining begins and ends at I-95. This isn't to take away from The Set, which has its beautiful artwork, delicious locally-owned restaurants, and developments such as Bahia Delray and The Delray Racquet Club.

downtown delray us1


US-1 or Federal Highway is the north/south running road that spans from the edge of mainland Florida to the southeastern reaches of Georgia. It is split in half in the Delray area, unlike the side-by-side road seen in Broward and Dade counties. US-1, due to its accessibility and midpoint between the north and south roads of A1A on the beach and I-95 demarking the end of downtown Delray, is hugely popular for businesses and residences alike. Some of the many notable Downtown Delray Beach neighborhoods along US-1 are Tropic Isle and Mallory Square.

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