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As a Delray Beach homeowner, you're never far from the white sand beaches and high-vibrance of Atlantic Avenue, but there's a lot more to our beautiful city than the obvious. For incoming Delray Beach residents, choosing your home type, neighborhood, schools, and interests can lead you in varying directions from east to west, or vice versa. Our Delray Beach Real Estate team knows this city like the back of our hands, and we've put together a short guide to learn what Delray Beach area is right for you! 

Delray Beach is split into 4 zip codes, which we will list from east to west, describing their prime features and what developments and home types are most popular in the area. 



33483 is the Easternmost strip of Delray Beach, whose 4 zip codes arrange slices of the town split across longitudinal lines. This beachfront zip code encompasses everything from the waterfront condos to the edge of Pineapple Grove, encompassing everything along US-1 (Federal Hwy). While some single-family residences exist, many of these are upscale and expensive, and highly limited in selection. 

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33444 is the second easternmost zip in Delray Beach, and likely the most diverse and unique. This lovely region includes the artsy and cosmopolitan Pineapple Grove, the historic Old School Square, and Sundy Houses, along with a large swathe of Atlantic Avenue and the adjacent neighborhoods to the north and south, including a contingent of very popular condos south of Linton Blvd. Many of Delray's historic sites, preserved houses, boutique studios, and small businesses have a home in this zip code - along with many grateful residents.

Best For: Renters, Small Families/Couples, Property Investors, Pet Owners

Notable Developments: Delray Racquet Club,  Bahia Delray,  Lake Ida Shores

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The third from the east, 33445 is where things begin to open up, with larger lot sizes, more single-family homes, and the lion's share of Delray Beach townhomes. This zip code begins west of Congress Avenue, a clear dividing line between east and west Delray. Among these more sprawling developments are a large quantity of 55+ housing, including the spectacular Gleneagles and Seagate Country Club, among many, many more to choose from. In this zip code, you'll be isolated from the hubbub of downtown but a mere stone's throw from the action - a perfect blend of access and serenity. 

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The westernmost zip code of the Delray Beach 4, this zip includes the largest estate homes, lot sizes, and often the most expensive Delray Beach Real Estate save for the waterfront. With so much new construction in recent years, the pristine greenery of west Delray Beach and the still-open spaces indicate a deliberate plan to divvy up the land as cleanly as possible. While overdevelopment remains a concern, west Delray Beach is still the quietest, most serene area in the city, with most of the finest homes ensconced in gated communities with country club amenities.

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