Valentines Day In Delray Beach | What To Do And Where To Go

2024 valentines day plans in delray beach

Love is in the air (for some) this Valentine's Day season. As with all landmark holidays, especially those that tap into our resort and hospitality market, we're eager to share the places to take that special someone during our annual Valentine's Day week. In today's blog, we'll provide a rundown of recommended restaurants and romantic events that are sure to have your heart fluttering and romance blooming. Read on and make your plans before these places fill up! 

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Things to Do For Valentine's Day

Before dinner, or whenever you choose, these are some of the finest romantic activities, gift ideas, and establishments you can take your special someone to. 

A Massage And Spa Treatment at The Seagate Hotel And Spa

The Seagate Hotel & Spa is a vaunted name in a city with several key players in the resort & hospitality sector. Located just a block from the beach on Atlantic Avenue, this delightful locale is a beautiful place to stay for visitors and includes a fantastic spa for locals to take their love for a relaxing day. Couples massages are at the forefront of their Valentine's Day offerings, but there is so much more available to you and yours at this beautiful location.

A Custom Card from Salutations of Delray

Salutations of Delray is the type of local business that holds down the "quaint" label of a city that continues to sprawl wider and higher. Located in The Colony Hotel & Cabana Club, this wonderful business specializes in custom cards, invitations, calligraphy, and other handcrafted gifts for the art lover 

A Beautiful Sculpture from the Avalon Gallery

The Avalon Gallery is located directly on Atlantic Avenue and has served as one of the most delightful retail art galleries in the area. Specializing in sculpture, metalwork, and glass blowing, the gallery has featured some of the most distinct and beautiful pieces amid what we admit is a crowded market of competing galleries in a very small area. For your love, the Avalon Gallery has a host of selections to make that special someone feel as beloved as the energy that went into the work you chose for them.

Gifts from Just Hearts

Just Hearts is located near Salutations of Delray in the Colony Hotel. This artful boutique specializes in Brighton gifts, gemstones, glass art, housewares, and select clothing. With a name like Just Hearts, you can expect a wide selection of gifts ranging from the wearable, to the displayable and somewhere in between. Show your love something special with a handcrafted gift. We suggest the sea glass hearts! 

A Custom Bouquet by From Roehm With Love

Last but not least, this curiously titled florist is the local hotspot for incredible custom flower work. Located adjacent to the Pineapple Grove Village Condos, From Roehm With Love is the preeminent florist in Delray Beach. Owned by Joseph & Billy Roehm, their passion for artisanal floristry has shone through since their inception in 1998. As a business that specializes in perishable products, they've performed outstandingly and continue to provide love to our community through the passion they put in their work.

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5 Incredible Valentine's Day Restaurants - Our Selections

There are dozens (we mean it!) of fantastic options to suit the romantic and culinary needs of a Delray Beach couple. However, to keep our list within reason, we've narrowed down five of our favorite restaurants that combine a romantic vibe with incredible food, and perhaps even a special Valentine's Day menu!


Located in the historic Swinton District just a block north of Atlantic Avenue, this beautiful quaint restaurant includes some of the best indoor/outdoor seating arrangements in the city. Moody lighting and a beautifully immersive natural space ensconce Dada in an atmosphere of mystery, despite resting just off Swinton Ave. Named for the famous satirical art movement, Dadaism, this restaurant is a local favorite and will be for years to come.

The Grove

Not far from Dada but immersed in the Pineapple Grove Arts District, this small, swanky cocktail bar and grille includes upscale contemporary fare, handcrafted cocktails, and a beautiful environment. Their menu features a worldwide host of high-end dishes drawing from a wide range of intercontinental influences, including French, Italian, Japanese, and American. The Grove is within a stone's throw of several other wine bars and cocktail lounges as well, making it the perfect launching pad for a night on the town.

Avalon Steak And Seafood

The bright lights and crystalline beauty of Avalon Steak & Seafood make our list on environment alone, but we'd never leave you wanting more after you've been seated! This restaurant backs its beauty with the flavors and quality your loved one deserves. In a market full of classy surf and turf establishments, this beachy yet refined restaurant right on Atlantic Ave is a surefire hit for a romantic meal.

The Atlantic Grille

Situated in the aforementioned Seagate Hotel & Spa, we love the elevated outdoor seating in particular as part of what makes the atmosphere at The Atlantic so delightful. Overlooking the final stretch of eastbound Atlantic Ave with the beach in sight, The Atlantic Grille is perfect for a casual lunch under the warm sun and sea breeze, or a candlelit dinner fit for royalty. Punctuated by a daily happy hour and live music, the Atlantic Grille is the perfect place to start or finish your Valentine's Day.

La Cigale

Located just south of Atlantic Avenue on US-1, La Cigale draws from a wide range of European influences, but primarily centers around the Mediterranean. The French Riviera, Morocco, Greek Islands and Italy all inspire the fusion cuisine offered at La Cigale, which puts a special twist on classic fare. The braised osso buco, barrel cut filet, roasted duck, and rainbow trout almondine headline a list of outstanding entrees to put the capstone on a magical evening.

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