Where Are The Best Yoga Studios In Delray Beach?

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Update (02/07/2022): Anuttara Yoga Shala, possibly the most well-known Yoga Studio in Delray Beach, has changed its name to ATHA.

Delray Beach is a beautiful town to lounge under the sun and soak up the fresh sea breeze, but it's not without its bustle. For so many of us trying to get by in our rapidly growing "seaside village," activities such as yoga are fundamental to blowing off steam and reaching a calmer state. We're grateful to have several incredible yoga studios in Delray Beach presenting a wide variety of yoga practices and styles. Check out just a few of our favorites in a city with a rapidly growing health & fitness industry!

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Hot Yoga of Delray is one of the (slightly) hidden gems of the Delray Beach boutique fitness world. Located in the southwest corner of the Lake Ida Plaza, this single-room studio might be small and unassuming, but it features some of the very best classes one can partake in anywhere. For those who like it hot, this is the place to be! While most hot yoga studios hover their temperature in the low to mid 90's, Hot Yoga of Delray cranks things up to triple digits, yet still offers yoga that all ages and skill levels can enjoy. 


Anuttara Yoga Shala might be perhaps the best-known and most popular yoga studio in all of Delray Beach. Their indoor/outdoor studio features a beautiful outdoor deck for sunrise hatha yoga, while their restful raja-style yoga is renowned as one of the best single classes offered anywhere. While some might enjoy a more pared-down, simplistic approach to an ancient practice, Anuttara delivers on the spiritual ambiance that calms a troubled mind. Their emphasis on the spiritual side of the practice makes Anuttara a top choice for anyone looking to learn to or refine their meditation.



Touting the mantra of "focus, concentrate, meditate," Bikram Yoga of Delray Beach focuses on the famous 26 asanas - or "Bikram Yoga." These 26 poses form the foundation of one of the most influential modern developments in yoga. Bikram Choudhury developed a hot, fixed style form of yoga that contributes greatly to deeper flexibility, spinal alignment, and bringing breath to body. To receive the very best of this transformative practice, look no further.


Much like Anuttara, Bamboo Garden takes full advantage of its beauteous environs to create a yoga experience that surrounds you with healing energy. While they may be best known for their candlelit Yin yoga classes, Bamboo Garden offers one of the only aerial yoga courses in Delray Beach, along with more conventional hatha and vinyasa. 

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